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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The PeOpLe hAvE SpOkEn

Folks if you have music or slide shows on your blogs..please remove them..while I love looking at them..I would rather read what you all have to say then sit and wait for it to load..because it has seriously become a problem and I will move on..I have gotten more responses to this entry then I did on my previous entry (which by the way I thought was a fabulous one) on that note..lets stop scaring people to death when they go to your blog because the music suddenly comes on and makes us jump out of our skins and like another blogger said she may have several windows open and have a garbled mash of music..I love listening to music, but it gets in the way of reading at times and I end up turning down the volume altogether and I may NOT like your choice of lets band together and save your music for your own enjoyment and if my blog is slow to come to..please let me know as I do have some stuff on there that may slow it down and I want to practice what I preach..have a wonderful sunday everyone..


  1. Gina, as soon as I read your blog I immediately went to mine and deleted my playlist. I would hate for someone to skip over what I have written because of the length of time it takes to load up. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention!

    Have a great day!

  2. I turn my speakers off now when I go blog hopping. I realize that some folk want to share the music they love with us all but it doesn't half get in the way when you've just settled down for a good old read of everyones blogs. Pam xx

  3. Thanks for stopping by to feather hunt!

  4. LOL - I just made a playlist the other day! My AOL sound isn't working so I made it while in Internet Explorer but I browse blogs through AOL so I had no idea it came on 'suddenly" since I hear nothing on AOL. Does that happen with ALL blogs? Before I remove my recently finished hard work, I'd just like a little more info. Thanks Gina!!

    hugs, Linda

  5. This is a great point!!! I leave our speakers turned down, so never really thought about it "coming on all of a sudden"!!!Thanks for the info!!!

    BTW....Gotcha entered into the drawing!!!


  6. I always keep my speakers turned down...
    whenever I come to a blog or site that does have a play list I hit the escape button a couple of times or the end and it helps to stop the loading of them....
    I don't have one on my blog just because it was my choice not to have one...I also
    have went in removed a slid show and a couple of other things I had on mine haven't seen any difference in it myself
    but am willing to do what ever to help
    any readers I might have...
    hope you have a great evening...
    Prim Blessings...

  7. Gina,
    I listen to my own tunes on my cp so when I come to a blog that has music on, it's a garbled mess until I can find their playlist & turn their music off. You've made a very good point. Thanks,

  8. Hi Gina,
    Wordpress doesn't offer a playlist, but I noticed a few weeks ago that my blog was slow in coming I changed a setting so that I don't have too many post coming up on a single page...Which makes everything come in faster now.

  9. Morning Gina,

    Wow - I never knew that was happening since I never have to wait for anyone's site to load. I am going to remove my music - it's just not worth it but I wonder why I can read a blog immediately and some people like you can't? Weird huh?? Thanks for comong to my site and checking mine out for me!! Have a great day!

  10. I totally agree with you Gina, I have dailup and it takes FOREVER to load blogs with music or alot of photos. You said it well! I loved the garden shots below, what a magical place!

  11. I agree with you; sometimes I do have to turn down the sound to read the blog.

  12. I'm with you Gina! I either have the TV on, or the music just isn't for me.

  13. That expression "You can't please all of the people all of the time" comes to mind. :> )

    The key for me is to keep my speakers low.
    When I used to surf the net I would jump every time that smiley icons pop up ad said "Helloooooo!"
    Now its low enough that he sounds like he's in the other room.

    With or without music, I'm still comin' to visit you darlin'. :> )

  14. Thank you for still wanting to visit me even though I'm one of those who slooooowwwss you ddooowwwwwnnn. I have left it there still, as I really get emails from people asking for the lyrics, the language, the title so it seems people do like it inspite of it sloooowing down stuff! Sooorrrryyy!