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Saturday, April 25, 2009

ThiS SloWs eveRyThinG doWn

Hey there guys and gals alike..This needs to be said as I find it frustrating to go to some of your blogs that have music on them...I have high speed internet so I know its not me..Lately I have been frustrated on some of your sites and don't bother to read them as I have to wait soooo long for the music part of it to load..I move on to the next one...I took advice from my friend Connie and got rid of mine as I don't want anyone not wanting to stop by cause it takes forever for the music to load..just thought you all might want to know is very frustrating to say the least...some are slower then others..but still frustrating...:)

I have gotten alot of responses to this one..and alot of you agree..doesn't matter if your speakers are turned down or is slow with the music being played...I too love music but hate to sit and wait for a blog to load..and there are some tunes that I just don't want to listen too...:)


  1. Is that what it is? I have high speed too but have never put music on my blog, I have my speaker turned down so I don't have to listen to any but I never thought that was the reason for some blogs to take along time:).

  2. Hey Gina, Thanks for the reminder about the music. I have been planning on removing my player for a while and kept forgetting. I have removed mine and also cleared out some of my buttons on my sidebar.

  3. I barely ever have my speakers on to notice anyone's music. LOL. But good advice and I agree it is frustrating when pages take what seems "forever" to load.

    Have a great day!

  4. I never have my speakers on...because sometimes the music is just not my taste.
    And I can't read and listen to the music at the same time!

  5. I too have high speed but I just don't like the noice clutter. While I am reading I am trying to enjoy each blog and the music is distracting...noice clutter.
    Don't get me wrong...I adore music...but not while I am reading. Dianntha

  6. I can't believe someone listened to me! LOL But I agree with you. There are some very long ones that I love but they have never EVER loaded fully for me because of the huge pix and music. I love music as much as the next person but it truly slows down and I'm on the fastest internet possible except for businesses and government!

    BTW, Gina, would you be willing to help me with something. You are always so quick to answer me and I need some help with email. Just email me and sit at your computer and I'll make it fast, honey!


  7. hmmmm....never knew that....i removed I too never have my speakers on...they are always muted...never knew that is what took so long for some blogs to load...and I too get tired of waiting and move on to something, thanks for the tip!

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you...for saying what I've wanted to say for so long! Soon as I go blogging I turn my speakers off. But still have to deal with the slow downloads! Very frustrating! ~~Annie

  9. Thanks so much for saying this !!!!I think your absolutly right. I will take my music off too ! Thank you !...

  10. How funny that I had just posted about this subject last night myself on my blog.

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one it annoys.

    My issue is that I have several windows open at the same time and if they all have music playing, it's just a bunch of pure noise to me.

    Thanks for posting about this as well.


  11. Thanks for the post g/f!
    Never even thought of it but can see now and actually dont like it myself.

  12. Hi Gina, Music does slow things down and the other thing I find frustrating is slide shows which can take so long to load that I give up on them. Pam xx

  13. I so agree with you!! I dont know how many times Ive beens scared right out of my chair when music all of a sudden comes out of no where when going from blog to blog. I personally love the music but I dont like how it slows down the process of reading the blogs. Good job!!

  14. well, whaddaya know! I didn'tgive much thought to the music slowing things down everything so much, but i'm going to remove mine. As much as I like my music, I can have several blog windows open and with everyone's music playing, it turns into a garbled mess. Thanks for the heads up ♥