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Saturday, April 25, 2009

I HiT ThE MoTheR LoAd...

Hello there and welcome to my blog..Today I have lots of eye candy in store so if you like photos you will see them grab something to drink and get in a comfy chair there is lots for the eyes to see...Yesterday I went to my favorite haunt and my good friend Carolee and Bob Pedersens house for their yearly spring sale..They have it again in July and their regular christmas season which starts the day after thanksgiving and runs through the week before christmas..They are open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for these events..I have been going here for at least 13 years and they have been in business for at least 26 years..I know where have I been, I have lived here since 1986..:) Bob and Carolee travel all over the world and on their adventures they bring back lots and lots of stuff for us to buy..they have their favorite haunts as well that they always travel too and get really good prices on all this stuff. In addition she is making alot of stuff as well from these found items and selling them as well..For this event only the kitchen part was closed off this year..but she let me in anyway so I could scour the wooden spoon section..didn't find any as I bought them out last year of their great will have to wait for the November show... but alas I did find some wonderful items which you will see below..but I took my camera this year so I could show you why I love this place SO much!! The above picture is the entry to their charming 101 year old home!..I love this house and its charm...all the lighting still is in great working condition too..

Here is the front door entry with Carolee herself tending to her garden..oh her garden is my most favorite as it has such whimsy with all of her teacups and lawn art..truly a feast for the eyes...:) Now you know where I get some of my inspiration..from Carolee and my bestest buddy in crime, Kimmy....Kimmy couldn't make it yesterday and probably a good thing as we would have been fighting over stuff yesterday...
Okay one more photo of the front..They have stuff everywhere for you to look at...and look and buy I did...:) I am a total consumer..just ask DH...

here is the driveway with their little sleeping trailer that they haul behind the truck when they head out for the open highway across the United States...That exact spot where the trailer is, is where yours truly will be for the July 17-19th event will be, selling my garage sale stuff and some of my homemade items...she mails out about 800 post cards to her customers for each this will be a huge show.. so I will set up my tent and tables and shutters and sell, sell, sell...I can't wait.. it is only $25 bucks and the proceeds are all mine...pretty great huh? she is the only one here in this good state that does this..everywhere else you go it is a huge fee and they take 20% of your earnings...which sucks in my opinion, but that is how the ball bounces around here..

Is this not the cutest..and so whimsical..this would look so good in front of my house..but I already have my riding lawnmower there and it is paid for...but I do love red...:)

There is a gentleman that makes these items such as this glorious Sunflower!!! oh I love it..he was there at the show yesterday, purchasing some items...oh I would love a couple of these in my yard..but they are spendy and I am a cheap skate...but worth it if I had endless cash...those teacups look like that melamine type stuff that are made into bird feeders and they are all over her yard..I love the mix of colors and I love her garden..this is her veggie and flower garden...

Here is the garden shed that Bob built, and I believe he sells these as christmas time he also makes a little wooden house or cabin and it is in great detail and little wooden figurines that he makes as well..and they are wonderful..he does the nicest job with his wood stuff..truly if you are on Bainbridge Island you will not leave without buying something..they are the nicest people you could ever want to meet and you will walk away with a huge smile on your face.. at christmas they have hot cider just as you walk in the door and little buckets to hold your treasures in as you is magic at christmas and so warm and inviting as they have their woodstove all stoked and warm and toasty and you enter their home..

this is part of their front porch probably my favorite this I LOVE kitchen stuff and I love RED...oh this was so neat how she had it set up...I wanted it all..she always has it nicely displayed and in a way that you can see it, so you can imagine it at your home...

here is a better photo, the flash didn't work above..I almost got that little towel that said kitchen on it..but I am going to make my self some..they are cross stitched on..

here is their glorious garden..don't you just love it!!!!

here is the other side of their covered porch and more eye candy to look at and buy...around the corner in the back was where I hit the motherload...but you will have to wait as I have more photos to show you...besure to click on the photos to see all that they have to offer...;)and get some inspiration as well..:)

here is the inside in the living room with that cozy woodstove with the neatest wood and brick mantel/fireplace..they had silver and lights and baubles galore up there at christmas time last was festive...the room straight ahead has alot of my favorites there..I will show you in a couple of photos down..sorry these are not in order..

this is behind the front door and that window takes you to the front porch..this table was themed for mothers day..and it was pretty..I bought some quilted pillows that Carolee made with little sayings on them..I bought for me and the other two for gifts..

okay here is that room I described above..she has her ormanents that she makes and buys and a multitude of other items that you will see below..

ahhhh the glass ware isle..she is nicely organized as you can tell so looking is a previous post way back when I showed you my vacuum lamp..Bob made that..

here is another room that is right next door to the previous..just go through another doorway and here you go..aren't those red quilts too much..she has the bed usually loaded with fabrics, blankets and she had a christmas tree here by that stand with ornaments and garland etc. I will be sure to take my camera this christmas so you can see it all decked out for the holidays..

this again is in the previous room with all the glass/plateware..I buy alot of her silverware and use them on a daily basis...Okay be prepared now to have your socks knocked off this is where I hit the motherload, hence the post title...when I got home I spread of what I bought and got for free!!! YES FREE!!! caus these folks love me...:) all in my front is what I got...

all that wood that you see in the wheelbarrow and on the ground was FREE!!! they got it for free and Bob was going to break up the wood and use it for something I started grabbing it up and when I came back..( I left my checkbook at home) and I.D. glad I didn't get pulled over...I thought if they don't want this stuff. I am sure I can do something with it or pass along this to you out in blog land...
I bought 2 very interesting rakes that are in a bucket with gravel.. I will hang these on the fence that will be installed this summer along with other garden type stuff..Oh I can't wait to decorate that up..I will never want to leave my garden after this..but it needs the eye candy and we are on our way towards getting there..these little rakes were $4 buck a piece, and she was having a 10% off day and you got to reach in the bucket for more savings and guess what I pulled out another 10% I got 20% off my total and glad I did...

okay again the photos are out of order..I didn't want to have to start over again..but this is the stash of stuff I don't if anyone is interested in any of these items... I will let you know what I want for them..+ postage...

I also picked up this wonderful light aqua blue wheelbarrow it is in wonderful condition..I think it will stay here in front...with potted flowers in them..I already have 2 in the front portion of my not sure if this will stay here in front of the house or in the back know me..I will tweak to my hearts content on this one..I only paid $8.50 for the wheelbarrow..a steal in my book...

more of that yummy free wood..I am going to use the stencils I got from Retha and use the labels I got from Rene on alot of these items..they will be primmed up indeed..if anyone has ideas on colors and what to put on these...please let me know..

look at this stuff. there are 3-4 of the same items here..I love the big plaques...I gotta get hot and start some painting for my upcoming shows..I am doing 3 this year...haven't done 3 this is going to be a challenge and some fun...I hope...

the one with the hole in it..I think I am going to do a sampler to put behind the wheelbarrow above there is a candle sconce that I may also do a sampler to put behind it..something different..

Okay now onto the purchases...I love that red/cream metal square reminds me of a sampler done in redwork...I paid $2 bucks for that..I got a potato masher and a fork with the 2 prongs to use in my is an enamelware plate that is going to be a kitty plate..we have others that actually say kitty on them..but we lost one..probably due to a raccoon... I love these little crocheted doilys and I have some on my kitchen the two octagon ones are going up there as well.. the others are going as gifts..the little quilted pillows are made using old quilts and Carolee added a cute little saying to each of those..I paid $3 bucks a piece for those..and one is for me and the other 2 are gifts...the 2 plastic bags are filled with cedar shavings..that I also got for free..I will use those with lavender to fill my little sachets with..they have more and told me I could get some anytime I wanted...:) SWEET!!!

here is the glassware and 2 bundt pans that I purchased as well. the bundt pans will be another bird feeder like the one Kimmy has..I think I have all that I need to make this one..The big glass jar with wooden handle is going to be our Sun Tea bottle as hubby wants his sun gotta get it cleaned and fill er up today as we are getting another glorious day today..the glass jar in the center is an old coffee jar that says Vacuum packed coffee, highest quality commercial importing co. 1 lb. net on it..I love it..need to find an old zinc lid for this wide mouth beauty and it is going as a gift as well..I already have one that I use that I paid alot more money for about 15 years ago...I also got two more big glass jars, the kerr was $6 bucks and the other with the wire/glass top was $9 bucks...

Carolee had the sweetest little aprons hanging up in that kitchen area and I fell in love with this mind you I don't wear them..but I love has little kitchen gadgets on it for baking and it says don't kiss me I am busy...haven't decided if I am keeping this or going as a gift..for now it will hang up with my others..

Here is the neatest tea pot. I have ever seen..I actually have one down in my kitchen on my stove that is taller and shaped kind of like this...I only paid $5 bucks for is clean as a you all know where this is going...might have to trade these out..will see..

a top view of the pot..well I had a most wonderful time yesterday..since I was on the island..(it is an island) the only way on is by bridge or by is about 15 minutes from us.. My DH works on the island so since he forgot his lunch yesterday...I called and asked if he wanted to go to we went to mexican..oh boy was it good..he got salmon tacos, with black beans..very tasty..I have never had a fish taco before..and it was good..I had a taco like salad with the warm chips on the bottom with cheese melted and nice cooked warm chicken scattered throughout the green salad topped with peas, black olives, onions, guacamole...and a special sauce..this was recomended by the waitress as her favorite and I can see was tasty...Today Tucker is at work with his dad... much needed break for me..that dog drives me nuts sometimes..and is at that teenage state in his life where he doesn't want to listen to anything...just frustrates the heck out of he is off to work and will be going to work this next week...yippee!!! I love Tucker don't get me wrong..but I am definitely a cat person..through and through..Well, I hope you didn't fall asleep..I think this was my longest post so far...I hope you enjoyed your tour of one of my favorite places...there aren't many here...Take care and enjoy your weekend..I hope your days are glorious and filled with sunshine...:)


  1. Ooh, lots of eye candy. I love the tea kettle. I wonder if it was designed that shape so that the water boiled quicer? Have a great weekend. Pam xxx

  2. I'm with you.....I'm always diving in the free boxes at yard sales, flea marts, etc. The best treasures are the ones you get for free.

  3. Hi Gina,
    You sure scored on that blue wheelbarrow that price was really cheap for it! Love the tea kettle too I've never seen one like that:)
    You had a wonderful day especially on a island:)

  4. Hi Gina, looks like you hit the jackpot !!! Great finds !!!


  5. Hi Gina,
    You did hit the mother load!! What great goodies you got!! I think my favorite is the quilted heart pillows...they are so cute!! Thanks for sharing all the eye candy...great post, my friend.

  6. Wow What a Great Pick of things you found and what an awesome place !! Very Cool !! And you've got a Great Eye for picking things !!

    I went to my favorite haunt yesterday and have a bunch of cool finds too .still haven't unloaded them from the truck..shall do that this afternoon.


    Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm

  7. Oh my goodness! There sure is a lot of things to be seen & scrutinised here !!! I would love, love, love to be at this wonderful sale!