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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It FinaLLy goT hErE and It WaS sO WoRtH iT!!!!!!!!!:)

Well I have been waiting to blog all day waiting for my package from the laundry swap I did to in the meantime..I tweaked..I pulled out the roaster and put in on the kitchen table and put an oversized towel that I got in italy at one of their swap meets and added oranges and my grape hyacyinths..and hung the lid on a rack as you can see...I will probably use this for serving this summer like napkins, silverware, condiments etc..I just love this piece...
I am so in love with the color. Okay now the moment you have all been waiting for..Well at least that I have been waiting package from Dani "olde homestead Peddler" arrived..she and I did the laundry swap that Char over at pickled pepper patch put together in March...This was way too much fun..and I got a new and dear friend to go along with all of my goodies...I thought I did a great job in spoiling her...but I think I got the better end of the stick on this one...oh Man did she bring the hugest smile to my face...I was like the kid who couldn't wait for christmas...This was just the best surprise to get in the mail...

so this was on my front door and I knew it was from Dani...oh I couldn't wait to get in the house and tear open this box!!

I got the funniest card from says: And you said they wouldn't notice our Thongs!!

here is the inside of the card and Dani if you ever come this better let me know so we can do lunch...cause I want to reach right through this computer and give you the biggest hug!! you totally out did yourself and you say this was your first time..well you would never know it...everything smells and looks so yummy..I can't wait to "pimp" my laundry room now..

Here is my box, just waiting for me to dive into...oh and I couldn't wait let me tell you!..I love the tissue paper and there was so much of it and it was all in great condtion and you can bet I will be using and recycling it...:)

Okay is this too cool or what? it is paper mache letters painted all prim like and they are hung with old fashioned style wooden laundry pins! on rope..with the cutest little label on the N..oh I think I know where this is will see it tomorrow when I am done decorating...

I love these wooden boards one is for laundry and the other is for pressing..Now people don't laugh at me..I am not sure how to use these as I have never seen these if any one out there knows..please tell me..I feel like an idiot...but I love em and know where they are going the colors..Dani you did a FAB-U-LOUS! job...:)

Oh this box was endless I tell you..just endless and I am loving every bit of it....She also gave me a sock dryer!! gosh I hope I have that it...I think I will need to remodel the whole room now and push out a wall to hang all my stuff will be the most prim room in my whole house..and I must tell you..visiting those of you that have these really prim houses makes me want to prim mine up even more..but will have to do it very know cause it costs money and all..but after seeing each and everyones TS finds...I now go to the TS and see things in a whole new has made shopping much more fun now...:) okay we are not done yet..go and get a drink or something to eat, cause there is more eye candy that you all must see to just keeps getting better and better...:)

Is this too much or what..I just love this print and the Cat Nap Inn wash room at the bottom..I love these paintings/prints and want them in my home and now I have my first one...

Okay she filled up this apple basket with more yummy smelling goodies..OH my gosh I think I am in like a chocolate coma, only this is way better....on top were two little tags that instantly caught my eye as they have my dearly departed kitty Otto Bisuit on them...I gotta tell you Dani, this brought tears to my eyes and does still as I write this...You are so thoughtful in remembering my little precious angel...I love these tags...Thank you!!! I have a big lump in my throat right now...:)

here is the front of the basket, another wonderful tag that talks about washing all woolens...and she wove a pretty piece of fabric in between the rungs on the take a peek below of all the goodies that were inside this basket...

My two precious little tags of my otto bisquit..

I love these tags that she made me..I might need to bring out my metal tree that I got for Christmas from Renee and put these on notice it says cat nap on the tags...too much I tell you..:)and all with kitty angels..I love all the detail you put in to these are just too much...

and then there are the W A S H day tags..oh these are too cute.. hope you are still hanging on..cause we are not finished yet...

She made these cute labels and on the left this is a cloth label and it is carpet freshner? did you make the carpet freshner Dani? I love the way she sewed it up the back on this has holes on I can sprinkle out my freshner when I vacuum my carpet...can't wait to use it..and in the middle is laundry linen & room spray...oh does it smell so good..I need to have my hubby make me an old fashioned laundry line so I can hang up my linens and clothes outside when the weather is nice..and spray some of this on them when they are drying..ohhhh this is too much...on the right in a cute vintage bottle are Dani's home made button melts for my tart warmer..and do they smell good enough to eat...oh my home is going to smell so flipping yummy...if you have never been to Dani's site before..she has a website and makes the neatest stop over and check out what she has to won't be disappointed.:)

okay last but certainly not least...she made me some hand made soap....I love love love hand made soap..and some cute primmed up clothespins...and the most adorable little sock/airfreshner..she primmed this up so cutely and the photos don't do it justice..she put a cute little piece of fabric on the toe and sewed it up and then put a hanger on top..and it is stuffed with a yummy smelling scent...Oh Dani you don't know how much you have made my day today..This was totally worth the wait (not your fault) happen..but this was wonderful doing this with you and making a dear good friend to boot...Thank you again so much for all of this..I will do a swap with you anytime girlfriend....:) This was the best...

okay one last photo..this is Tucker today..he is doing much better..but he hates that we take it off and let him relax a bit with out it..he is healing up nicely and wants to play...okay gotta go and get dinner started..we are having pasta with salmon in a cream sauce...this was something they fixed in italy and it was goooood...the pasta is a lemon pepper pasta that my next door neighbor got at Trader Joes..and it is sooo good..I just went down stairs and already the juices are flowing..I told DH what I want for my birthday next month..a shelf to put all of my laundry goodies on ....oh and that new clothesline too...would it be cute with all my Tea stained muslin and dollies hanging on it to dry?...:)


  1. How wonderful..All those goodies! I love the wash boards and the old fashioned vacuum cleaner and the button tarts! (giggle giggle!!))
    I love the Laundry letters too.. what's the little tag on the "N"? I love the memory of your kitty.. Dani is the best..isn't she! I love her to pieces too!
    Hugs Rene

  2. YAY Gina!!! So glad it all arrived in one pieces and made your day!!!!
    I'm so happy you love all your goodies. Yes those are washboards and sock stretcher. (back in old days, socks were made in wool, imagine how they shrink, so they would put it on the sock stretcher to dry)(hehe)Oh I had so much fun doing/making these for you. Glad you like Otto Tags. Can't wait to see your pimp up laundry room. Get hubby moving on that project of yours. Thank you again and I'd love to do another swap with ya anytime!! I had so much fun. Kudos to Char!! She has brought us together and we've created a great friendship. OH and you're on for lunch!!! We will meet soon!

  3. Gina,

    What a wonderful swap and thing is awesome!

  4. Hi Gina,
    You got some wonderful goodies from the laundry swap!! Love the letters. How sweet of her to give you the tags with your beloved Otto on the. Everything you got is so great.
    hugs, Cindy

  5. Gina...
    What a wonderful swap!!! You had a great partner and I love all the little goodies she added in!!!
    So jealous!!! LOL

  6. Wow what a wonderful swap...everything
    looks awesome...
    Prim Blessings...

  7. WOW!!! Look at all those wonderful goodies you got! I will have to check out her site:) I got a bag of wooden clothespins at GW a few weeks ago that I'm planning on grunging up, hers are so cute! I LOVE your centerpiece with the roaster, you are too clever!!! Glad to see lil Tucker on the mend and hope he gets rid of the E collar soon:)

  8. Woo Hoo for you!!! What a generous gifting you received (and gave too)!!! YUMMY!! YUMMY!! YUMMY treasures!!! Can't wait to see your new room!!


  9. What a wonderful package of goodies Gina! Can't wait to see them all dislpayed! Have fun primping your laundry!!

  10. Wow you got socks blessed off with that package!!! A lot of cool things. That looks really neat how you done the roaster! you are so creative, You think outside the box. That is great!

  11. Lucky lady!! Now you must re-do your laundry room! Those flowers of mine that you asked about are Astra African Daisies, I got them at Home Depot when I was in the big city! Enjoy your new goodies!

  12. Wow!...that was a LOAD!!!...sure was some wonderful goodies in there!

  13. Wow, you hit the mother load. I love all your goodies. Jealous? yes!!!!

  14. OMG! It took me 20 minutes to stop laughin' at that card!! Did you see how the mother is coverin' her lil' son's eyes??!! :> )
    HOLY COW! You hit the mother lode for sure! Look at all those wonderful goodies!!! What a generous gal Dani is!

  15. I got ya entered times 2 into the Wing Ding Chicken Fling thing, so go ahead and start to sing!!! :O)

    Much luck for a huge score!!

  16. Wow! You are going to have the best "prim" laundry room in WA! Love the tags with your kitty, Otto! I also love the photo on your header. Misty has one of those carpeted perches and it is fun to watch the positions that she sleeps in at times.