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Monday, April 20, 2009

waaahhhoooo WhAt a DaY...

Do these hands look dirty..they have been in dirt or a form of dirt all day...boy what a day..We got up at the crack of dawn..and I was tired..didn't sleep well last night..was flashing..yuk...and I am not used to getting up at 6am and starting my day...We had to get our little Tucky to the vets by 7am and then we went to Dennys for their grand slam has been so long since we have gone to breakfast or any where to eat out for that that was a nice treat and then onto the car dealer to get a code to see what was wrong with my car....and we need to make an the car deleted its on pay day..we are getting that done and changing out the tranny fluid...needed to be done 20000 miles ago..will help the car run better....then we went to Home depot and bought every veggie plant known to man I think.. Today was absolutely gorgeous..I even got rosy cheeks from the sun today..:) We bought tomatoes, cilantro, pumpkin, zuchinni, pepper, cinnamon basil..(that is tasty).. strawberry plants, cucumber, and we planted it the chicken poo and top soil and humus to make it a rich soil..then Mike got out the plant food and fed them will see photos below of the garden...I cleaned out the shed..boy that was just getting to nasty for me..I cannot stand disarray, or clutter..just drives me bonkers..I love stuff in its I cleaned it and swept and now you can actually go in there and see whats in there.. Mike tidyed up the other shed where we have excess wood and ladders and the mower now you can get in there too....Then I mowed the lawn...and got on my hands and knees to trim the edges as our power edge trimmer isn't working..I remember doing that as a kid with my clippers and edging the yard..did any one out there do that?..Oh but the yard is looking so much better...still got a lot of work to do..but it's a step in the right direction...:)
I also got a package from Kim Gullet over at "Up on A Hill"...What a total sweetheart she is..She put a little unexpected surprise in my box... That I totally didn't know I was she totally made my day...I bought the big blue roaster from her!! I love it...looks good on the hutch..I may use it for serving purposes or put flowers in pots in it..not sure..right now it will go if anyone has any great ideas let me know..:)

Mike picked up our little Tucker and he pretty much looks like this, but has one of those plastic collars on and he has some stitches...poor little thing..he was we have him covered up in a blankie and he is resting...the vets told Mike that he is a phenomonal puppy and so well behaved, they are just amazed and how gentil and great he that was nice to hear..did I tell you I got him to shake paws after only 5 trys? he is a smart little puppy..still has most of his baby teeth and that could pose a that if they don't fall out they will have to take them out..he still hasn't lost all of em gotta keep a check on that...

Okay here is the garden all planted and will notice I moved the wagons so you could see them..they look much better now..and all the pots are planted with a veggie of some now we hope and pray that we get a good year of gardening...

still have to plant some pretty flowers in my other pots..will do that come pay day...

here is the other little surprise that Kim gave says catnip..and I put it in the pot that we have catnip growing in...I just fell in love with it...tooooooo cute..I love it...:)

That is catnip in the front of the is coming back..and the kittys love it..Thank you again Kim for making my day...:)nice little deversion from all that yard work... Oh but a nice shower did wonders..just wish I wasn't getting stiff...feel pretty good..but my feet are flipping killing me..that plantar fascititis is killing me..well staying close by for my Tucker will sew and hang out and catch up on some programs..I am loving the series "Little Dorrit" anyone else watching it? I am watching it on that is nice when I am sewing...tonights menu...Ribeye steaks... corn on the cob, and baked tator (from the garden tators)..yum..Have a wonderful week.I hear some might be getting snow..eeeeww....we are getting rain on wednesday...but I think it is still going to be a nice week...Talk to you all again soon! :)


  1. Your garden looks nice. Give Tucker a Get Well Hug from me. I don't plant catnip as our cat, Misty can't stand it. I plant wheat grass for her and she loves it. I have to plant her a new pot about every 3 weeks. At least it keeps her from eating my houseplants. Take care and rest after all your gardening today.

  2. Your day sounds like my weekend was, and I am still only about half way done with the plantings! Don't you love when you are done after a hard day of work outside and you are all cleaned up and then get to relax with a nice dinner and perhaps a glass of wine? It is all the sweeter after working so hard! Your garden is looking great. I love the catnip patch.

  3. AWWWW....Little Tucker looks so cozy in his bed, what a cute puppy he is! Your garden is awesome, sounds like you had a BUSY day! Can't wait to start planting here, I have a special little bed for the bunnies where I plant parsley and romaine!!!

  4. What a great project that garden is! Wonderful. Also, I've never heard of cinnamin basal before. Sounds great. You'll have to give us update pics as your garden grows.

  5. Glad you liked the "Catnip" cat. In my thoughts, you just had to have one of those. Your roaster looks great with all of your other things. Tucker looks so cute all "tuckered" out in his bed. Your garden looks like it is getting bigger. I love have you have everything arranged in it.You got some great things in it. I have taped that "Little Dorrit" series, but have not had the time to watch it. have a great day!

  6. Holy smokes! You've been busy!! I've got a long way to go before I can plant any veggies so this post is such a treat for my peepers. Everythin' looks great!
    Poor Tucker. I'm sure he'll be back to his old self by Wed. Give him a smooch for me.

  7. WOW!!! Afater i read this....I had to take a lil' nap before I could post!!! What'a day!!! Sooooo productive!! Your gardens just look better and better!!! YUMMY!!! Fresh veggies sound wonderful after the long winter!!! Can't wait for the farmer's market!!

    give Tuck a big huge (gentle) hug from me!!! Poor baby!!! I'm sure he'll be back to puppy-hood in no time!!!

    Take care.....and perhaps an advil!!


  8. Whew...Gina, you make me tired! You've been quite busy!

    When you said you were "flashing", as in hot flashes? lol! If so, count me's very rare these days when I get a good night's sleep!

    Poor little Tucker! He sounds like a good boy though!

    Have a great evening!