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Sunday, April 19, 2009

PlaYinG In ThE YaRd ToDay..

Hey there!..well today was glorious..not real sunny but warm..and tomorrow is going to be even today..played hookey from car is acting up and I don't like driving the stayed home..we are cleaning out our sheds and trying to get better organized etc..I guess thats why they call it spring cleaning..we have had this riding lawn mower way back in the shed and we are never going to fix it up out in the front yard it goes and a kitty in the seat...looks much better there we it at a garage sale several years ago with the hopes of getting it running...
I did some weed burning and tweeking in the back yard this is the view from my craft room..I pulled out my 2 wagons and put plants in them...

here it is up close and personal...

this is a pretty little ground cover stuffed in a bucket hanging on our picket fence..I think I am going to transplant it in the kids garden...

Here is our Tucker..he is getting so big and tomorrow he is getting we have to be up bright and early to get him there by 7 am...ahhhhh...thats early..but so be it..

I gave my door a fresh coat of chaulkboard paint..this sits on our front porch and I write little diddys for the holidays..going to get some really neat erasable markers so that the words show up can get them on't wait... gotta get in the shower to get the dirt off of me and get dinner going..itis 8pm and still fiddling around..tonights menu...spaghetti with checca sause..this by Giada on food network...tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella..this is so must try this... we also have the movie Bed Time Stories with Adam Sandler that we have to I hope you all had a wonderful sunday..Take care..:)


  1. Lucky you, I still haven't been able to get anything planted, the crazy weather can't make up it's mind! I make a garlic pasta dish that is similar, pasta, fresh garlic to taste, olive oil and toms, yum yum! Have a GREAT week!

  2. I love the creative surroundings that you are putting together. So sweet and so fun. Enjoy

  3. I love the old tractor,and poor Tucker... a long day ahead and he looks so happy and carefree in the photo:)He is lucky to be male though, much easier on them :)Have a great day!

  4. Look at that doggie, you know I have a weakness for the four legged variety... Love your pics... Hugs, MO

  5. Hey girl....your grounds are looking beeeee-utiful!!!! I lOVE that ground cover in the bucket....and the chalkboard door I've noticed in prior pics....way cool!!!! You've got the knack!!!

    Hope all went well for Master Tucker at the vet today!!!

    Toodles darlin'!!! Have fun in the sun!!