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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

WhaT GoRgEouS WeAtheR MakEs yOu Do...

This is what spring and a gorgeous sunny days to one soul..This is an old door on our front porch that I painted with chaulk board paint...I love being able to write stuff for all to see..
Yesterday we spent the day getting the garden I should say the hubby did all of the looks so much better now we wait to see if it will produce..we planted potatoes..heck those are a give me...we pulled out a good 7 pounds out of it they are on the counter waiting to be eaten..had two last night with our steak dinner..yum...we love potatoes and they are so easy to grow..we planted, beans, squash, brocolli, lettuce, arugala, fennel, dill, cilantro, oregano, thyme, chives that have been in the garden for 3 years now..had some on our baked taters last going out and chomping on some...also got my sunflowers planted..can't wait to see how big they get..we have to wait till May to get our tomato plants..we are also doing peppers, and basil..I am planting in all of the pots in the garden..beautiful flowers to be able to cut and bring in..although I grew nastursims last year and they trail down and are so pretty and look great in a salad..not sure what to plant this year..

Here is mike in his pretty green shoes..he was working out in the garage on his truck and had grease all over off to the showers and looking clean and fresh..that is Margarita in the background...she is one of our 3 italian kittys...

here is the garden all planted..we are going to extend it to the fence either this year (money and time allowing) but we are going to fence it off from Tucker (our dog) and deer... but you can see i used pot lids and other items for our garden markers..I just love using old stuff...I had this stuff for my shade gardens I make and since I am not doing them..better use it elsewhere...

another view of the garden..this is the lettuce and herb garden portion...

up close of the gardenmarkers...with copper tags attached..adds a touch of whimsy I think..:)

I got this yesterday at our local garden store and knew where it was our babys/angels garden..looks right at home there...

here it is up close..still gotta add some bark to that area..and bark the rest of the front portion of the yard and get rid of some weeds..ran out of time yesterday..but I did get the yard mowed and it looks so much better.. swept the deck and did some tweaking on it..looks so much better..I was spring cleaning the back yesterday...we still have alot to do with this back is a never ending is our last day of the 70's degree weather..tomorrow according to the weather is back to 54..which isn't bad..but we are totally loving these last 3 days of absolutely gorgeous weather and sunshine..amazing how good it feels to ones soul..we took a nice walk as well..we love our walks...tonight is Tuckers graduation class from kindegarton..taking puppy treats in little bags for the puppys and brownies and cookies for the adults..they get to wear taking the camera to get lots of photos to post...

this is what playing in the sun does to ones puppy...knocks him out..he looks like he is melting...the kittys got to enjoy it too...they love watching the birds and eat grass and go after bugs...

well that is it for me...take care and have a wonderul tuesday...:)


  1. thanx for the link Gina, you're a sweet heart! I will put two entries in for you... good luck, I just know you would love one of these guys, as much as you love animals...

  2. Yeah nice shoes. You know they have other colors....LMAO! Lime Green...ffeewww. LOL

    Margaret (I know I am spelling that wrong) anyway she is cute and pobably enjoying the weather too!!

  3. Everythin' looks fantastic!! At the moment, I can only dream of a garden. We have snow! UGH!!
    Ya gotta love those shoes. At least Mike is fashionable. My hubs recently bought a pair of those checkered Cheap Trick lookin' shoes. He's still stuck in the 80's. Thank goodness he's bald, otherwise he might be sportin' a mullet too. :> )

  4. Oh, I envy you planting and playing in your gardens, it's still to iffy here, but I'm ready!

  5. You are going to have one big garden! Blessings over it. I like the way you used your pot lids, how ingenious! Hope that we get to see pictures when evrything is in full bloom!