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Thursday, April 9, 2009

ThRiFt ShoPPinG FiNds...

Well I just pulled out 4 things for Easter this year..just not in the mood for the clutter so didn't put it up...I did put up this bunny that I purchased last year and the chocolate bunny that I looks so much like those hollow milk chocolate bunnys that you get every I stuffed him in amongs the eggs..I have two signs on the front porch and that is it for me this year...
Well Kimmy and I headed out for the open road yesterday to some of our favorite haunts...our bridge to these places is being overhauled and will be closed for 4-6 weeks starting May we decided to get out before we can't go yesterday we hit a salvage store..oh it is a fun store...they have the neatest old doors ever..the one on my front porch with the chaulkboard paint came from I want to measure my doors and put in real old doors gotta get the hubby to help me and maybe go a looking..but we came across these whimsical items that are made out of junk pieces and we can't resist this kind of kimmy got this unique bird feeder...I want to make more of these and I know she does can find this stuff a dime a dozen at the TS...

here is my found work of Art!! I stuck it in the garden...She looks right at home with her hoop skirt and whisk legs..we paid $5.00 each..she had others in there but these were the cheapest...

at our next stop I found som cross stitch fabric and some pieces of old fabric to use as the backings on my embroidered pieces..

here is a plastic lazy susan to use while I paint..and I can move it around instead of touching it...Kimmy gave me this idea..and the white thing will be one of those fly covers I will spray paint it black and get a knob for it..

here it is turned over..I paid 1.99 for this

here are some parts for those whimsical pieces I plan on making..the round colander will be the head and the other piece will be the wings...

our next stop was a new one for was the habitat for humanity..and boy did we score!!! I got this potato masher to use as a makedo stand for a doll or I just may keep it for decoration..not was $4.00

and I got some of the neatest old jars..the one on the left was $2.00 and the other two were a quarter..

look at the detail on these..the blue one has the flying eagle on it and the other one has the liberty bell on it and it says 1976 on the front..I have never seen those that was kind of neat and for .25 cents..not to shabby...:) all in all I spent under 20 that wasn't too bad..considering I think our prices are kind of high here..I was also able to get rid of my junk as gave some and took some...Kimmy and I ate lunch in a quaint little 50's diner called the nifty fiftys..we both had burger and fries and they have those little juke boxes at your table with the big one in the center that plays the music that you we played two songs..I forgot to post Tucker graduating on tuesday..will show you the photos tomorrow or saturday...Today ended up being a really pretty I went out and burned weeds with my portable weed burner..that thing is bending and the yard is done for the time my food storage organized as well..out with the expired and in with the new stuff...well that is it for me today..have a great rest of your day....:)


  1. I want to go thrifting with you. You always find the neatest stuff. We have several thrift stores that I frequent. Hubby is always shaking his head when I pull out my treasures.

  2. Gina~ I love your garden creature, lol! I can just imagine my dog coming upon something like that in my garden, she'd be high-tailin' it back to the door!!!Love the jars too, I have a small collection , just can't seem to pass them up! Thanks for posting my giveaway on your blog:)

  3. Great the flyscreen be sure and post a pic when it is all done:)

  4. Hi Gina,
    I just wanted to pop in quick and wish you and Happy and Blessed Easter!
    Have a beautiful weekend, girl!!!


  5. You scored at all places!
    Your garden creature is simply awesome! I want to make one of those!
    As soon as I saw that metal rack thing, I thought wings too!
    Have a great weekend and a very Happy Easter!

  6. Gina,
    Great finds!! A friend and I are going to some thrift shops tomorrow. Haven't been to any for two weeks.
    Also wanted to tell you that I love your kitty garden and the garden stone with the verse on it. Wish I could find one like it with the same saying but for dogs. I would love to have one for Andy, but I've been looking everywhere and can't find one.
    Have a great weekend.
    hugs, Cindy