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Friday, April 10, 2009

TuCkeRs GrAduAtiOn and SpRinG FloWerS...

Tuesday night Tucker graduated from Kindegarton puppy class..he had such a good time playing and learning with the other dogs...they all ran around playing mostly in tuesdays class..Some of the dogs won prizes..Tucker was a bit of a stinker...he just wanted to play...
Here is Heidi my friend and our instructor getting trampled in a good way by one of the dogs...

here are the proud Parents of Tucker in his Cap..

this is Tuckers best bud Moose..they played like no one was around..they really had fun and we always sat next to them..I hadn't been in 3 weeks and I was so amazed at how much they have grown..Tucker is already 15.9 pounds..The vet thinks he will top out at 20 pounds...but he is still growing...

another photo of our pup..

isn't he cute..and smart too...I taught him how to roll over in 2 trys and now he is good at sit, stay and roll I want to work on shaking...

heres is Kai thinking he is a lap dog..Tucker actually had alot of fun with the past Kai just towered over him (still does) but Tucker seems to be confident with him...

Here is Chester the little pink nightmare..he won this for doing sit and down and sit and down...consistantly in a row...he doesn't look to happy does he?

Now thats better in his cap...

here is the whole group with their was a wonderful experience to get Tucker socialized and good for us too, to have a better relationship with Tucker...we still have a lot of work ahead..but he is one smart little puppy for 6 months..he just needs to focus a bit more..but he is fast becoming a great addition to our family...

I thought I would show you what is blooming in our yard right now..our camilla bush/tree is loaded and just bursting with red blooms...

not sure what these are called but they have a pink and blue bloom..

our Trillium is blooming...looks alot like a lily and when the blooms get old they turn pink..they are native to our state..

our primroses are all blooming and such a hardy plant..I transplanted a lot of them last year and they are all blooming all over the yard..wish I had different colors..will be buying some more in yellows and reds I think...

here is our grape hyacinth in full bloom...the tulips are just now coming up they have buds but nothing yet....Well that is it for me..have a wonderful good friday..I have baking to do today..gotta deliver a big basket of goodies to the vets today..was going to do it last week but our vet was in hawaii and he is in going to get that done and then off to walmart for a coffee pot...dear hubs can't live without his morning coffee...:)


  1. Awwww Congrats Tucker!
    Cuteness there, TOO cute!

    Love seeing your flower pictures, the primrose is gorgeous!

    We have zero blooms as of now:(

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Those pics in a doggie grad cap are TOO MUCH!!!! How cute!!! And so funny! Have a great Easter...

  3. Love the pictures of the puppies.
    Flowers in bloom would be nice here but it snowed 2 days ago!!
    your pretty flowers are called "pulmonaria" google images and they will come up. Many varieties but those are my favorite.

  4. Are you saying that your baby boy had ADHD?
    Those are the cutest pic that I have ever seen!
    Tucker and his parents seem very proud!
    I am jealous of your beautiful flowers...I have nothing coming up yet! I don't have a green thumb at all!
    Have a great weekend and a very Happy Easter!

  5. He is so sweet....WTG Tucker!
    I love your your yard( er...your flowers..not your bloomers anyway!) Beth

  6. Tucker is a cutie! Your yard has such pretty color~ love all the flowers! I haven't seen anything bloom around here yet.I'm trying to be patient! Have a wonderful Easter weekend Gina!

  7. Congrats to Tuckers achievement! You look like the proud parents in the picture. The flowers are beautiful, but I am really loving those hyacinth! Those are gorgeous!

  8. Well, aren't Tucker and his proud parents just the cutest! Congrats to your puppy. Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous, love the camilla bush. Have a happy and blessed Easter, Gina.

  9. LOL toooooooo cute Gina!! Congrats to Tucker and all his classmates!

    Happy Easter!!

  10. Those are darling photos of the puppies, honey!! You're also adorable! Uuuuuhhhh, did the pups get a special treat for all their work? Hah.....

    I love the trillium. Wonder if they would work over here in the desert heat? What do you think? They look like hostas a bit and I love those.....


  11. Awe. He is darling. I just saw Marley last night. I cried like a baby at the end. It was a cute movie.

    Have a good Easter if I don't chat till then!!

  12. Congratulations to Tucker! He looked so cute in his graduation hat. Loved all the photos of your beautiful flowers.

  13. I enjoyed the cute puppy pictures, the one with the graduation caps are darling--I didn't know they did such a thing! Can you imagine doing that with cats? That would be hilarious!

    The Camilla bush is beautiful. I never had much luck with primroses. I love them! As I remember, you live in the northwest with all that moisture. My dry rocky midwest mountain is like a desert in the summertime. I have lots of coneflowers, hostas and brown eyed Susans, things that can take the heat and lack of moisture. Have a wonderful Easter, Gina. Do you put jelly beans in baskets for the kitties? I do.

  14. Congratulations Tucker!! He is so daggum adorable and look how proud his mama and daddy are!
    These pics are great!
    Wishin' you and your hubs a happy and blessed Easter. :> )

  15. I LOVE TUCKER! How cute in his lil' cap:) Had to laugh when I saw the shepherd as ours thinks she is a lap dog too!!! Happy Easter:)

  16. Gina,
    Congrats to Tucker...and the proud parents too!! He is sooo...cute!! Your flowers in your yard are so pretty....can't wait for ours to start looking like that.
    Have a happy and blessed Easter.
    hugs, Cindy

  17. Congratulations to Tucker! He looks adorable....all the puppies look so cute!

    Have a blessed Easter!

  18. Happy Easter Gina....
    Didn't Tucker do you proud, he is one smart cookie. Don't you just love them. My 2 borders are 7 and still think they're pups, so good Chrissy x

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  20. Hi Gina, Just started following your great blog. Mary Lou

  21. Congrats to tucker ..How fun to have taken a class ...!!

    I enjoyed the picts of all those other furry friends immensly !!