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Saturday, April 11, 2009

SwaP GoOdiEs GiVen, TrEaTs foR the VetS & ProJeCts...

Well I finally got my butt in gear and got our Vets treat basket ready..only took me all day..but well worth it I am sure...I made these chocolate cherry cookies...I will share the recipe as I took these on tuesday to Tuckers graduation and made more yesterday and now everyone wants it...this is an easy and oh so delicious has dried cherrys in it...oh they are so yummy hot out of the oven and a glass of ice cold die for...a piece of heaven...okay so here is the basket just brimming with goodies..I made salsa..(out of 2 cans added the seasoning mix and fresh cilantro) and it is so good...chips to go with the salsa, banana bread, hawaiin sweet bread from the bread machine..(ladies I am good but not that good)..came from a box...:)girl scout samosas cookies, christmas jam from Sue at country pleasures..I love her recipe, and a card...
I wrapped up the breads in tin foil and then in freezer paper with stained muslin with burlap tie on one and kitty fabric on the other..I put fabric on the jars and I tagged everything with stained tag labels... I also added kitty fabric to the handles too..I made the little pillow so they could hang it on the is a "vet" design..with red velvet ribbon for the hanger..I got there at about 4:30pm..they close at they are having a feast today for sure...Dr. D loved the cookies...he wants the recipe too...Oh I almost forgot..I put in dried apple slices from our food cannery that I went too on the 31st of march..I put them in a cellophane bag with some homepun for the tie...Those things are addicting..and you can rehydrate them and make delicous apple pie...

Okay..I can post this now cause Dani has her package finally...She got it yesterday...We did Char's laundry swap and I met a new friend..and it is so much fun getting to know Dani and find out that we have so much in common...I am waiting for my package to arrive..some time next got I will post as soon as it arrives..I am like a kid waiting for Santa Claus..I can't wait.. Click on the photos to see the detail...This was so much fun to do.. I have another one in the works for my selling stay tuned..there will be a few added goodies to it..:)

I embroidered (by machine) this little laundry line and used little wooden clothespins and butcher string as the line...this turned out so cute...I think I am going to make one for my laundry room...

I also made her a clothespin bag holder using retro looking fabric for the apron and rickrack...I used stained muslin as the base..I also got her this cute little old fashioned washing put on a shelf....I can't wait to see her room all decked out...

and she got this little enamelware pot with my homemade laundry soap in it...

2 laundry embroidered samplers to hang on her remember these from a past post..

This is the last thing I made for her..and Rene now you know what it is...I embroidered this design on a sheep and added cheesecloth with a rusty safety pin for his tail..painted his face black and added leather ears and a rusty star garland around his neck..

this is the back of it...Cindy my dear friend made this for me...she did a wonderful job on now I have my logo..I have put this on a sweatshirt..great advertisement..:)

and last but not least..I gave her this little laundry basket and a towel that I machine embroidered and added red rickrack to the bottom of the towel.. I just love this it at a local nursery by the yard..gotta get more of it..would make some cute curtains..

This is another embroidery I just finished up...I love this cute little sister is painting my moms bathroom/laundry used to be my bathroom...they have converted it to a laundry room so my mom doesn't have to go down stairs any longer..they took out the toilet and put a stackable unit in..and they are painting over the contact blue and white paper and making it look more up to date..can't wait to see mom loves hummel and has collected the figurines for when I saw this design....I think she will love I need to frame it and send it to her to hang in her new bathroom..think I will make her a towel and some laundry soap to use as well..what a nice little surprise...

I made this and gave it my best friend Kimmy when we went out shopping on wednesday....I embroidered this on to osnaburg..really gives it an oldfashioned look...

I added brown velvet ribbon and tied knots at the end and sewed them onto the pillow...It says: Easter the day of blessings... Well I got invited to our Home teachers house for homemade donuts..a tradition that they do every year for Easter and I have heard soooo much about these and am dying to try them at 2pm..I am eating donuts..then off to walmart for that coffee pot..(didn't go yesterday) too late to go..and this is on my way..then grocery shopping and it will be a busy day...I will be posting a wonderful easter video to watch either tonight or tomorrow for Easter..I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with family and friends...We are celebrating with our neighbors...(we always spend the holidays with them)...we are also splitting the cooking dutys..I am doing the ham, and carrot cake and they are doing the veggy and scalloped potatoes..should be yummy as they are good cooks...we will all be sitting around the table with our top buttons undone and hands in our pants like Al Bundy...might even play cards...we love playing Uno or Phase 10...and its been awhile too...:)


  1. OHH Gina I LOVE the Easter embroidery.. Just LOVE IT!!!! HUgs Rene

  2. Those are some fun things you did for your swap! Your swap partner was thrilled, I am sure!!!
    How nice you to put together such a generous gift basket...I will be patiently waiting for the recipe. (I love the apples, too, from the cannery. They ARE addicting!)

  3. I love the mini clothes and clothesline. What a wonderful gift basket you prepared for your vet. I'm sure they enjoyed it. Can't wait to try out your cookie recipe.

  4. oh what wonderful goodies!...I am glad that you had fun!

  5. What a great swap for you Gina:)
    I love all that you made!

  6. Hi Gina,
    All the embroidery looks wonderful!! I've been doing some embroidered goodies also...I getting ready to put a Yorkie design on a purse.
    Great swap goodies...I sure your swap buddy loved them!!
    hugs, Cindy

  7. WoW! You were very generouse with your swap goodies! I love the embroidered sheep with your logo...very personalized!
    And what a great basket you made up for the vets office! You are probably one of their favorite clients...That was so sweet of you to do that for them!
    I hope you had a great Easter.
    I thought about you the other day when I was at GW...I found a piece of your pyrex...was $1.99 a good price for a piece?
    Have a great week!

  8. You are so crafty! I love that little clothes line, way too cute! What a fun swap, can't wait to see what you got! Hope you had a lovely Easter!