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Monday, April 6, 2009

My TriP to LonDoN...and OtHeR DiDdys...

Well as I was sittin her contemplating what to blog about a couple of days ago I thought I would share some photos of our time living in italy and the trips we took to Ireland, London, Germany, todays trip is Merry Olde England..London to be exact..
here is the changing of the guards..pretty impressive but it took forever...they have such a routine and follow it to the T...

here I am making a pretend call....had to have a photo with those famous telephone booths..

Here I am in front of the church where Princess Diana was married...and buried..I don't recall seeing the inside though..not sure was cold and rainy the 2 days we were there..we did learn the "tube" was fun getting from point A to point B..once we learned it..:)

here we are standing in front of Big Ben.. okay be prepared for the goofball you are about to see..we went to Madame Tussauds Wax was so much fun...we did Piccadily circus and rode the rides in London Dungeons. and we got to learn about the london bridge burning, jack the ripper, it was all about the dark side of London..very entertaining... took a car tour that took us all over london and showed us the most traveled asked about here we go to the museum...Enjoy!:)

with my good pal Bennie hill this was the last one before we left..I used to watch him as a kid and loved it..:)

here we are again...This is my favorite pose you

Here I am standing next to Princess Diana...I must tell you it felt so weird because she was so life like...and this of course was only a few years after she was killed...I remember that day well too..Mike was out to sea and a bunch of us girls just got home from our night out dinner with the girls and I came home and turned on the T.V. in total disbelief as to what I was hearing..I thought it was a show or on the phone with one of my friends and we were in total shock..even though I didn't know her, I felt like I did and had lost a good sad...

when in London...gotta rock with the Beatles...:)

here are some of the presidents....they all looked very small and had little heads..they just didn't look right...

The Queen... Queen Elizabeth....Love the outfits they wore...I believe she was the be-headed one....again not sure.all of this is memory...

Mike with the "Duke" this was his favorite hero"..he remembers being in the marines as a pup and getting news of his passing...(he looks thrilled in this photo doesn't he?)...

Alfred Hitchcock and yours truly...:)

Whoopie, me! and the guy from star trek..his name slips me...

Gerrard Perpedu I know Iam totally miss spelling his name...he is the french actor...any way I stopped by for a glass of sparkling cider..he was having his vino...because I don't drink...:)

ah yes the olde curiousity shop... we got to peek in the windows and see all the goodies..but that was it..this was our riding tour...

London Bridge...we got to see the area with the crown jewels got some post cards etc..but didn't go in..We also got to tour buckingham palace as it just happened to be open for tours at that time..but we were not allowed to take any type of pictures...but it was impressive to say the least.they have these hallway like rooms that had the tallest ceilings and paintings the size of our walls on knew where the money was in that place..we got to buy the offical guide as our rememberance to the place..and we never got to see the queen or her children or grandkids...but it was a good time... We also got to go down Abby road where the beatles did their album cover..

Here is a photo that was taken with Pam Gracia's(soft in the head fame).. camera on our visit a couple of weeks ago..I just had to give her bunny ears...:) we had a great time and are set to do it again next year..

your funny for the day..
How bad is our is definitely getting very bad....
Cats are so
okay our weather is absolutely gorgeous again we are going me some new shoes..curves from Avon..and am hoping they help my feet..I have plantar facititis..and it is no more cheap shoes...I love my clogs (those plastic ones)..but they do a number on my gotta get heal cups now to see if that helps...we are working on the garden and getting it prepped..we found so many potatoes that were left behind from last year...enjoy your up....Ireland..:)


  1. You are TOOOOOO funny, chickee!! Loved the tour. That's Queen Elizabeth, honey..........uhhhhh, look at the sign in front of her!! LOL LOL LOL

  2. Thanks for taking me along on your tour of England:) Loved it!

  3. We used to take the train to London when we lived in England. We loved going up to the queens guards and trying to make them smile or give us some type of reaction, but they never moved or said a word! :-)Thanks for sharing all the pics! Have a great afternoon Gina!

  4. Fun Pictures. Always wanted to go to the uk. Now, is that a real cat in that last pic? looks like how they do before they get spayed. Cute picture though

  5. Love the pictures of London. Thanks for sharing them. I have plantar facititis I know what you mean about the shoes. Been there done more cheap shoes.
    I got your email...will try to get those designs back to you later today or tomorrow. Things have been alittle crazy here.
    hugs, Cindy

  6. Loved the photos of London. They took me back years to when I used to live there. The quy from Startrek is called Patrick Stewart. Pam xx

  7. Gina,
    What a fabulous tour you shared with us. I used to love Benny Hill ~ such a funny guy. Thanks for sharing ~ you are too funny, girl.

  8. Hi there, what lovely photos, thanks for sharing them! A friend of mine has plantar fascitis (don't think I spelled that right) I'll have to mention the curves shoes to her. Have a lovely day!

  9. Oh I love your trip to London> I so want to go!

    Thanks for your view! Hugs, Lisa