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Saturday, April 4, 2009

JuSt In... and FleA MarKeT SaTuRdaY..

I won these on ebay!! I am so flipping excited about these best friend kimmy had found the two big round bowls..and I just fell in love with the turquoise..and come to find out this color is becoming sought I feel really good with the deal I got ....I paid $9.99+ shipping for this set of 5 bowls...I just got them in todays mail and had to share with you...Now I gotta get em washed up and put on my hutch with my other pyrex pieces..
so on that note...I have too many bowls that I no longer use and want to get rid of some to make room for the ones I just bought and plan on using...This is a nice creamy yellow bowl that says USA on the has no chips or cracks but those hairline ones you see in the bottom...

it measures 7-3/4 in diameter by 3-1/2 inches tall.

couldn't find anything on this piece.
$10.00+ shipping and Insurance

here is a neat bowl that I used quite a bit..mashed potatoes has a funky lip on it so you can put your thumb in it..for a better grip when says yellowware oven and back on the measures 9 inches in diameter and approx 4/1-2 inches tall..

this a nice piece I have loved it for many years now...
$7.00 + shipping and insurance..


  1. Gina~You found the deal of the century on those turquoise Pyrex bowls!! You lucky, lucky lady!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love that yelloware oven bowl with the lip for your thumb on bad I'm not working yet but I sure will keep my eye on it!

    My mom had those bowls you just bought...brought back alot of memories Gina:)

  3. I think many of us can remember those bowls. Pyrex is just the best. I have a few pieces myyself and wouldn't part with them. They don't make stuff that good anymore! I know you will smile every time you use them.
    Good luck selling the other two. I have so many bowls myself, I ought to sell some!

  4. Hey Gina! I didn't forget your books -- you will eventally get a flippin library! There are just so so so many! And I'll send you DVDs of Rachell Ashwell just cuz your so patient. Will get the first few out this week.Promise! The more I clean, the more I find!!

  5. I love Pyrex too, esp. the turquiose, when I re-did my bedroom in it I saw alot of home stuff in that color, made it easy for me! Great buy!

  6. I am soooo jealous I can't wait for the garage sales to start around here!!!!!!!! BOOO.. Nice buys!

    Hey if you have some time stop over later I have an award for you!!!!!!!! That is right fresh off the press.


  7. Love your bowls! I have a set of the 3 different size refrigerator bowls that have the clear lids. I have 2 turquoise and 1 white one. I love mine and use them all the time. Would like to get some more for my collection.