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Saturday, April 4, 2009

LooK WhAt thE PoStmAn BroUght Me!!! SaTurDay FuNNieS..

Back tracking because I forgot to add these..this is my shopping from some nice homespun fabric to put on the backs of my stitchery pillows and a people magazine..with Valerie Bertinelli in a Bikini..she looks fabulous!!..I hope I look this good at I have 2 years to work on it..or hoping it will magically happen..yeah that would be I also bought some trims for the pillows to hang them..and some aida cloth to start doing some stitching..they didn't have a huge selection..on some of the patterns I want to buy it is calling for 28 & 32 count do you all out there know where I can get this stuff?..I would much rather do machine embroidery cross stitch but there isn't much out there and certainly not prim..
Okay here is my sweet package that I opened..I must know Cindy where the heck did you get this cute tissue paper..I must have some..and it looked so neat with the sweet note she sent to me...:)

Well look what the postman brought me in the mail yesterday..and if you can believe it I didn't open it up till today!!..was too tired with all the running around done yesterday...had a doctors appt and had to wait 45 minutes to be seen then she refilled all of my meds and some I didn't need and one she refilled it is a lower dose then it was we shall see how it works now...I swear I hate going to the military hospital as it is hurry up and wait..and then I waited at least 1/2 hour to get my meds so I didn't leave till 2-1/2 hours later...stupid in my opinion..and feel like it is hurry and get em in and get em we are looking to go to a civilian doctor and get in when we want to get in and not in like 2 or 3 weeks because that is the first available they have for that doctor..and they barely touch you to see what is wrong and they never address all of your have to make another appt for that one...even though they were flipping late to begin we are done..getting the hubby to get us out of there...then on top of that they didn't have the item in their supply house and told me to go out in town and get it..It should be there and I shouldn't have to pay for it..that is part of my benefits...okay I went off on a tangent there..I then had to stop by get my avon and pick up a few things then off to do the old grocery was dead in the store and it was home at 7pm...makes for a long I waited till this morning to open up my winnings from Miss Cindy....I love this sheep and as you can tell he has a prominant home on my 2 picnic baskets next to my candle/tart warmer..he looks so good there... But wait theres' more..

she also put in a cute little tag that she made along with a tart warmer in favorite and a candle!!! Thank you Cindy for the little extras in my box..I love all that you sent to was so much fun leaving you a little love each day...well I missed 3 of those days..but nevertheless I thank you kindly...:)

I ordered this off of the easter extravaganza from Annies Powder Room. I bought these for my nephews for their easter along with a tape of Peter Cotton tail...I haven't seen that one in a long time and may have to watch it today..Charlie brown Easter is on tuesday..and yes I will be watching it...its my part of being a kid anyway there is a bowl of cheerios and a spoon in a bowl and the other is Booger Soap..little green globs of boogers great for little hands..and just saying the word booger is is DH will tell you hearing and saying it always get me giggling...smelling it is totally different story...not my

here are your saturday funnies...

Some times you feel like a nut....sometimes you are....(I can't help but sing the song)...:)

its where I get mine


Well enjoy your is glorious Mike got the lettuce planted we need to get the rest of the garden done..hopefully this weekend...and hopefully it will stay sunny...:)


  1. Enjoy your weekend too! And thanks for sending that pattern, I got it and look forward to finding the materials. So nice of you!

  2. I understand the hurry up and wait. Rich had to go to Portland Hospital for tests and consultation...after 5 visits we still don't know much more than we did.

  3. I wish I would have won Cindy's giveaway! But I am glad that you did deserved it!
    Love the funnies!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Those funnies are just funny!

    Love the sheep that you won from Cynthia...what a sweetheart she is!

  5. Hi Gina,
    I love where you put the sheep...he looks so good there!! I'm glad you liked your extra goodies. I got the crow tissue paper from a wholesale store. I get alot of my bags and packing supplies there that I use at my craft shows.
    Take care and I'll chat with you again soon.
    hugs, Cindy

  6. Love your sheep. I got a request to make Easter Labels so I'm still putzin here.. Looking for Easter words.I thought I'd drop in and see what you were up to. Planting....gees we are going to get 3 to 4 inches of snow starting in a little bit.. We won't dream of planting till The last week of May or even into June!