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Thursday, April 2, 2009

OldiEs bUt GoOdiEs...

My good friend Betty Fagan was cleaning out her sisters stuff (she moved) and she came across the cute little wooden Shopping Reminder..I think it had pegs in it at one time...but it has cats on she saved it just for me..It is in my kitchen soon to be on my this too cute or what..Amen!!! I mean I do?
well not much happening here..did anyone try out my cotton ball chocolates for April fools? we had snow in some parts was so cold yesterday...well I am off to do some embroidering..enjoy the rest of your thursday...:)


  1. I think my mama had one of those back in the day!
    Cartoons are so funny!
    Thanks for posting my giveaway!

  2. I remember those:) Thanks for the memories!

    The cartoons are halirious! Not sure if I spelled that right but you get the picture:)
    Have a wonderful evening and I hope you enjoyed your embrodering.

  3. Hi! Yes, I tried the cotton balls in choc. trick on my kids! Hee hee . . thanks for the idea! :)

    Have a great day! ~Stacey

  4. Great find! You always have the best cartoons! I LOVE your house, it's so adorable! I hope to get out and do some yard work this weekend but we have more frost warnings coming up this week? Will spring ever stay? Enjoy your weekend too!

  5. The grocery shop finder is really cool. I imagine that it goes with everything in your house. Those cartoons are funny!