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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

GreAt ApriL FoOls JoKe...

I have to tell you about a great april fools joke my friend Kim (not my kimmy) another Kim, played on me back in 1992 when we were living down in Vancouver Washington..I had come home on a dinner break from work at a salon/beauty supply store and she was always baking or making something..and she had these awesome chocolates for me to try...and girls..I will try anything I bit into one..(they looked like cherry chocolates) she said it was a new brand of chocolate she was using...well I couldn't bite it in half and was making a nice mess of my face..when I pulled it away and noticed it was a cotton ball dipped in chocolate!!! well she gave me a few more to take back to work and I tried it on one of our regular nail customers... she fell for it hook, line and today if you want to fool your family..dip some of those dense big cotton balls (they hold their shape better) in chocolate and tell them you made them just for them...:)
hope your day is a wonderful one...we are getting lite rain..typical Washington weather..I am going to bake banana bread today, bake a loaf of bread and make some cookies for the basket I am taking to my vets..also going to sew up something to put in their office..a kitty of I gotta get cracking...have a great day and let me know if you tried these chocolates out...:)


  1. Oh that is a perfect April Fool's Joke!
    I am going to make some for the girls for when they get home from school!
    I hope I can keep a straight face!
    Happy April Fools Day!

  2. Gotcha twice dear!!! Hugs, MO

  3. Oh my goodness! They had to be a little soft??? Yuo certainly have run into a lot of Kim's in your life? What's up with that? Glad you enjoyed the rainbow.

  4. Oh man!! That is nasty but funny as heck! (As long as it isn't me on the end of that chocolate covered cotton ball!)
    P.S. Yum! I can almost smell that banana bread from here. :> )

  5. Well, we all know you'd fall for it if it was chocolate, sweetpea!! LOL LOL. That was funny.

  6. Darn, I wish I would have read about the cotton ball joke before April Fools Day. I would have tried that at work, ha ha! I love the shopping reminder board. It looks so familiar to me.