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Monday, March 30, 2009

WhAt wE diD oVer ThE WeEkeNd...

Sara of Sweet Magnolias gave me this award..said she liked my blog...that makes me fill good. Thank you Sara...:)
so I will tell you 7 things I love... .but will not pass this on as I love all of your take it if you like...okay 7things..
1. My husband and all that he does to ensure we are warm, safe, well fed and happy..
2. My kittys and our dog...they do bring us much joy..:)
3. my faith for without it..don't know where I would be..God is great and has helped us through so many things and helped us to heal when we lost our babys..and he continues to take care of us!...:)
4. I love to be able to create with my hands...just love what I do..:)
5..I love spring for the rebirth of life and seeing things popping up that lay dormat all winter and then remembering that they are there..
6. my bestest friend partner in crime..:)
7. our good health, our home, the food on the table..Mikes job...that provides this..
8..okay 8..all of my good blogging friends that I have made this last year...I have throughly enjoyed your friendships and hope to continue in the has opened up a whole other world out there...

Well I hope you all had a great weekend..Saturday was spent crafting and being in my studio..Mike was out in the garage doing his thing..Sunday turned out to be a most glorious was when it gets like that we jump on getting things done..but first I wanted to show you touches of spring..I put up 4 flower baskets of of pansys...I love em...purple and yellow..

We finally got the hedges taken out and still have the stumps on some of them that will be turned into firewood...I will never have those again..too messy (photenia) and lots of upkeep..they did give us the privacy we wanted..but too much we are going to extend the garden up to the fence...the little cat sculptures you see are where our babys are buried and I am going to get some lavendar, button plants and gerbera daisys for that gets so much sun there now and my babies loved the this is their special garden...

we are now going to work on getting all of that flower stuff out of the garden beds and get planting our garden...have no idea where all that seed came from..I never planted is a beautiful flower but not in my garden...gotta get bark for the yard and get burning the weeds that are growing and get a jump on it before it takes a freshly barked yard..makes all the plants stand out and it protects the yard from weeds which makes my job easier...we are also taking out the lawn in front of the garden and fence there and either barking it in or putting a gravel base there..too much moisture there and it isn't growing I would rather have maybe potted plants here and there..I think we are going to rotitill our whole yard and put down grass many lumps and bumps and oh my gosh the moss that is growing...great if you want moss for a yard..:)

gotta get my pots planted with flowers..hopefully in the next couple of weeks that will has been a cold not sure what April will be bringing...can't believe it is already april...where does the time go? seems the older I get the more it flys right by me...the neighbors are tearing down that old fence thank goodness as it is rotting and we are helping them put in a new that will add privacy and keep out the weeds..we will put in a gate that leads to both of ours though...easy access to both the yards..we are also going to fence in our garden so the dog and deer stay out of it..

here is the view of the debris we need to put through the chipper for our back yard...that pile was huge before I left for church yesterday...and when I came had shrunk..Mike had seperated the leaves from the branches so now we have a bit of free firewood and will have chips for the back yard portion..which is another job in itself..gotta take out some berry bushes and some ferns to open it up a bit more..I would like to be able to walk through there more freely..and it will be easier to get out the morning glory that keeps coming back..hoping to kill it once and for all..beautiful but intrusive as just smothers and takes over...and no we didn't plant has just crept into our yard over the years..and we have a piece of raw property next to us that we have to deal with and it is all through it..

here is our flowering cherry tree getting it has the most gorgeous magenta blooms ever..and those are my ornamental coffee/birdhouse out in front...2 are ceramic from joanns...I bought the coffee/birdhouses from my favorite haunt that I shop at..her yard is full of whimsy and always makes me smile when I shop at her me so much fun inspiration...:)

here is our camillia bush with a ton of blooms..maybe another week or two and this will be in full bloom..I love this tree..reminds me of the antique roses that I love..

our Forsythia trees have been blooming for a couple of weeks now..wish they never lost their blooms..heck I wish all my stuff never lost its bloom..I love these and they never last long enough...but I do enjoy them..

one last photo to end with..Miss Pody Ann had to try out my new/old laundry basket...she is the baby..and that little one always makes me smile..they all do of course..this one is for Terry at Big city Prims..she always posts her big fluffy boy for this is for her...haven't heard from her in a while..I miss her posts...hint hint...if you are reading this...I love reading everyones so keep writing and I will keep reading...I have the house to myself today..Mike and Tucker are at gotta mop and clean this house and finish up my projects for the laundry swap I am doing..when she gets her stuff I will post what I sent her..I am so excited for her to see it..but I of course can't wait to see what she sent me...I am having a ball sewing and embroidering...hope your week is starting of right...oh I must tell you about a dream/nightmare my DH had last night..we both woke up around 2 am and he told me..I nearly bust a gut...he dreamt he had a pet fish that didn't need was a big gold fish with hair on its head like Tuckers..a big fuzz ball..and I cooked it up for dinner and he was starting to eat it and it wasn't cooked all the way...and he couldn't believe I was making him eat his pet just made me I guess this fish followed him everywhere...I am wondering if he was dreaming of Tucker and he was in a fish suit..or he was on something I didn't know about...any had to have been there...aren't dreams fun?


  1. I just loved your post and pictures today! I love all your posts but loved seeing the pictures of your yard. And.......what a BEAUTIFUL kitty! They do bring such love into our lives, don't they?

    Have a great, great day!!!

  2. You have so many plans and such a lovely yard to plant!
    I am ready to get out there and get my hands dirty too! It just feels good to plant flowers and veggies and stuff!
    I love the idea of the cat statues and their very special garden!
    Have a great day friend!

  3. Gina... okay hurry and send some of those spring blooms here... you are way ahead of us...
    our daffodils are just now showing up and just starting to bloom...

    Love your photos.. your home is so quaint and cozy..

  4. Thanks for sharing pictures of your house & garden. I can just imagine when everything begins to blossom, all the colors around your home. It will be beautiful. That cherry tree is beautiful now. Cats ; when there is a basket or something big & open, they just got to check it out.

  5. You are so lucky to have things blooming now - such a wonderful welcome to spring!

    humm the verification word for me is AGING - wonder it that means I need more eye cream?? LOL

  6. Gina,
    I enjoyed reading your 8 things ~ I am so thankful for all of our blessings as well. I so enjoyed seeing your yard and all the pics, even your sweet kitty. We still have a ton of snow so it will be awhile before I can get out there. Can't wait. Have a great week.

  7. The porch is to die for....LOVE IT!! Everything looks so cheery and happy! Thanks for the great pics!

  8. Hi Gina,
    I always love seeing pictures of your house and yard. It looks like Spring has sprung at your house. Love the kitty picture!! That was some dream your hubby had! lol...

  9. Gina,

    Your husband's dream cracked me up! Dreams amuse me, anyway!

    Pody Ann is so cute. She reminds me of our Bambi, who by the way is thriving as the only cat. Matty is doing the same with her new owner. Everything worked out great.

    Your home and yard is fabulous. Thanks for sharing!


  10. hey lady long time no talk! I have to agree with Janene you have a lot of planting option in that big yard of yours. Not like my apartment with a 2X2 patch of dress and I don't me 2 feet HAHA..

    Hope all is going well as I am sure it is, or should I say as it seems to be after seeing all your photos!

    I will talk to you soon,

  11. Love your garden girl. We gotta get together , but now will have to wait till after the 16th as me Momma is coming.
    Have a wonderful week and that dream I would have laughed at him too.

  12. Great looking garden; I'm green with envy. -smile-

  13. What a gorgeous house, garden, cat...everything! Its so wonderful to see someone put so much of themselves into their work...
    A very good friend of mine is very much the same. She farms her own land and has a small shop in her hometown of Smicksburg, PA. Check out her site if you get a moment: