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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WhaTcha WorKin on WedNesDay...or WhaTcha PuTTin aWay...:)

Well yesterday I was supposed to get my hair done..but my stylist cancelled out on me till thursday..keeping my fingers crossed it gets done on thursday..but any way I headed out to Joanns early cause I thought I was getting my hair done and since my day just opened up..I gave my Kimmy a call..(that is what I call her) see if she was up for visiting...and then I said lets go we headed out to do some TS shopping and whatever else tickled us..we hadn't been to these stores in quite a while so we had a ball and both helped our economy DH must never know...we hit 3 stores yesterday and both found some fun the time I got home last night I was a pooped pup../er kitten..I was gone from 9:15am till when I left kimmy I hit 2 more stores on my way needless to say DH and me were both pooped and played hooky from Tuckers class last was a rainy night and we just needed to settle in and take er easy that I fell asleep at 9pm on the couch.....that is what good food and nice fire will do to ya...felt good though..I do feel quite refreshed today though...Okay here are the photos of our shopping spree before I took them out of the bags ...
this was my joanns excursion..these photos are in no order..they never are with me..I bought this fabric for Jenn of Bittersweet fixins N Prims. I am making her daughter a purse and these are her favorite colors..I hope I do the purse justice..I will definitely post it when it is done...won't be started on it till next week will have some machine embroidery on it too...the inside is the pink...

here was a steal..these jars are getting flippin expensive..I got this big beauty for 3 bucks..they wanted anywhere from 6.95 to 8 dollars for the smaller ones at various places yesterday..I had the lid already..may have to use it in my kitchen with baking type items..was going to use it for laundry soap..but I have to keep it..

here was my other steals..these old cheese boxes found at 2 different stores for 4 bucks each...I love these..may have to paint each one up different and keep em...not sure..depends on space..I am getting to where I don't like clutter..cause then it is just more for me to dust..and I just don't like dusting any longer...maybe once a month or when I can see it..used to be once a week..just not happening any

here is also a wonderful find a big picnic basket to go with my other one that is similar..I will stack it on the other one and use it for tempory storage when I decorate for the holidays...then I can easily pull it back out..I paid 10.50 for this is in wonderful condition..

here is a kitty card I bought that will go with some stuff I am making for our vets for the great care they always give to us and especially last saturday..will go into detail further down this blog..I also got this potato masher 2.00 either for a makedo or for bird feeders...I didn't take photos of the lids..will take photos of the finished projects when they are done..I also got my wrought iron tie backs for my curtains...and this little washboard is so cute it was 3.99. this will be used in a laundry thing I am making to sell...can't wait to see it all done..I know you all can't

more unfinished frames at Joanns for my embroidery samplers..

I bought this jar at Walmart for my homemade laundry soap to sell on my blog...

I also got these paper mache boxes and terracotta pot along with the wooden eggs at Joanns...

Here is a basket that I bought at Joanns for the goodies I plan on making for our vets..I am putting in some of my homemade strawberry christmas jam, some banana bread, cookies, soda bisquits, and homemade bread (from the bread maker of course)...and some homemade hot cocoa with this card attached..I will post a photo of that as well..I have some ideas on how I want to wrap it all up...:) joanns had their baskets at 50% I had to have it..

more burlap for the purses I want to make...

a T shirt for the DH...he will love this..will give it to him at Easter..

here is the back of it...he has a harley and he is an old 2 for the price of one.....he needs another black shirt like he needs a hole in the head...but I loved the Old guys rule..and he

Oh I just love bowls and such...I bought the green bowl to give to my neighbor..but I may have to keep it for me..not sure..but the blue one is mine...all mine..the green bowl was 4 dollars while the blue one was 2 bucks..I couldn't believe it..The great big jar in the back is going to be for the homemade laundry was those big jars especially with the lids..the other jar with the cork is for halloween potions and that one was 1.50...and the velveteen rabbit book was 50 will go with a buny I am making that I got the pattern from Pam of soft in the will fit him so well...

I got this apple basket with metal handles..I am in love!..I am turning this one into my laundry basket...Iam going to try and wash the lining and hope it survives the wash...and if it doesn't will make one similar and embroider my laundry designs on was 8.00..

here is the inside..this gal had the cutest booth and she had some wonderful stuff...I think I got 3 things in her booth..very retro and old fashioned..loved everything in her booth..lots of vintage linens etc..
and rick/rack trims for the purses and the the 3 in the center are for the has paw prints on it..that will be my purse of course...well that is it for me I gotta go and find places for all of this. have a great rest of your wednesday..the sun is finally at 3pm coming the stinky puppy will be going outside to is still very wet outside...but this is march after all...:)


  1. Oh Gina, Kindle is going to love her purse! The fabrics you chose are the EXACT colors of her bedroom, wait til ya see! Ummm, while yer at it ya can throw all of todays finds into my box:)

  2. Wow, did you EVER get some good buys! You did terrific! I love those cheeseboxes. I need to see if I can find some of those.

    What a nice day you had yesterday and what some great finds you got! Now I need to go 'thrifting'. LOL

    Have a great night, dear friend.

  3. Gina,
    You got some great goodies on your day out. Love the fabric you picked out for the purse..the colors are so bright & cheerful!!
    Can't wait to see what you do with all your finds.
    How wonderful to make your vet's office a basket of goodies. Sounds like your vet & staff are as great as ours.
    hugs, Cindy

  4. Gina,

    You got some wonderful thing on your shopping trip!


  5. Gina, Gina, Gina~I must go shopping with you next time!
    I love those cheese boxes...I found one last weekend, and he wanted $9 for it! You are so very lucky!
    Time to buy a new house to store all of your goodies!

  6. You always find the neatest stuff! Love it all, can't wait to see what your going to do with it all. Those Cadbury eggs are just time comsuming, let me know if you tackle them! lol

  7. Hi Gina ~ you got some great things on your shopping trip. Sounds like it was loads of fun! Can't wait to see pics of the things you make!


  8. You did some shopping yesterday &found some great finds. Look forward to the finish products. You seem to have a knack for finding those cheeseboxes????