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Monday, March 23, 2009

FrEe STuFF and TweAkiNG...& MiNis..

First off I want to say THANK YOU to all of you that left me your heartfelt condolenses on our Otto bisquit...We are okay...still have our moments of crying..but we are getting through this..the hardest part is just not seeing him on a daily basis and getting the automatic purrs from him...they were instant and we loved hearing them..he is sorrelly missed by us and our other kittys..he was our baby for so long and then to nothing..but we know he lived a wonderful life and we are the better for having him in ours...:) I can see him everyday through my kitchen window and my craftroom window and that is a comfort...I am going to get lots of gerbera daisys and primroses and really spruce it up for spring like I always do as there are 2 others buried there as is our little kitty area and they are spreading seeds of love there...
well it was a quiet weekend of rememberance and just staying close to home..much needed after this long hard week...I put my mouse that Pam gave me in the kitchen on the boxes there...looks right at home too...I have my strawberry/cranberry christmas jam that I made a couple of months ago..the big jar with some hot bisquits and cookies will go to our vet clinic as they really take such good care of us and while we really wanted Otto to be at home we could not so we took him in to the clinic and they have a nice quiet room for us to be in...and they took such good care of us and took a paw print of our baby that we will get back in a I need to let them know how much it meant to us that they took such great care of us and our otto (and all of our babies)...we call them our pediatricians...they are the best..the whole staff are like friends...they just treat us so good..
yesterday we took a walk with the Tucker and on our walk we came along a table with free stuff on it...well I cleaned up! I love kitchen gadgets and will either use them in the garden or plant stuff in the sifters..but I love the big one and love that knob too...I have lots of kitchen stuff in the garden..I buy at the thrift store old utensils and use them as plant markers..I have an old sink with succulents in it along with beach glass..I have a measuring spoon sundial and I have pots and pans with all my succulents in them around our maple tree...I make and sell these....they are lots of fun..I will post those another time...great for stuff you no longer want..make it into a planter..

This beat up sweater was with the free stuff was an eddie bauer sweater and 100% wool..and it had holes in the sleeves..but I knew I could wash it up and I would have the wool to make doll sweaters or I took it..

here is the after process..shrunk up nicely...

I ordered a bunch of mini's from factory direct to use in my mixed media projects...I love this little stuff and the little grapevine wreaths and stars etc...can't wait to get started on some more of that stuff..flour and sugar sacs, wall clocks, bushel of apples, milk crate with milk, flags, beehives, eggs, butter, milk, washboards, and I got 2 of those ceramic vintage looking old em...

more mini's..bowls, plates, lamps, butter churns, flower pots, books

this is an apron I bought a couple of weeks ago and I decided to model it so you can see what it looks like on...a set of bloomers...too funny...Well I am off to get my day going...gotta tidy up the house (everyday)..and go grocery shopping....the weather is kind of dismal..but this is March..although I will say for Saturday with the passing of our baby..the sun was out all day..has been for our last 2 babys as God was smiling on us and welcoming our baby was beautiful to say the least...I hope you all have a wonderful week...:)p.s. on a bright note..I won a beautiful necklace from Chris at Mommys midwest mountain folk art..I have been wanting one of her items for so long especially with kittys and it couldn't have come at a better time..I won on Saturday...This is my 4th win...Loving this blogging stuff...I need to do another giveaway...will keep you posted..its been a while...:)


  1. Hi there, I always see your comments on many of the blogs I visit often and thought I'd check out yours. Glad I did. So sorry to hear of the loss of your furry friend. Lost our Goliath a few years ago and I was surprisingly a mess. Missed seeing his royal face everyday.

    Well, I'll be back to visit again
    Many blessings

  2. Glad your doing better Gina...and I can't imagine walking along and finding a table with free stuff:) Love those sifters and the sweater will be great for doll ones. Do you do American girl clothes? Email me when you get time.

  3. Gina,
    Love the freebies you got!! What great finds!
    I sent you an email.
    hugs, Cindy

  4. Hi Gina,
    Just thought if you did I'd order some near Christmas for the girls:) Let me know if you ever do:)

  5. I'm really sorry to hear about Otto, my heart is with you.
    I do like your apron, now that is different. You picked up some great freebies. I'm sure they will look great in your garden!
    Peace to you;

  6. Oh My I'm so sorry for your loss of your wonderful fur baby !! My heart strings are tugging away. I know your other kitties won't replace Otto ..but I'm glad you have them there to love on and don't have an empty house. My 13 yr. old Golden Retriever hurt her leg today and has minimal use of it. It's the first time I have climbed the stairs to my room alone. While she sleeps down stairs. Needless to say ..It's a bit lonely on the upper level tonight. I love your freebie finds and all your minis for doing your altered art ..I too have gobs of those kind of goodies ..seems you can't ever get enough !! ..

    Take Care..and Hugs

    Sara of Sweet Magnolias