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Thursday, March 26, 2009

LoOk WhaT CaMe in ThE MaiL...

Well look what came for me in the mail today! was in a nice green shiny envelope and all wrapped up just for me!!..
Here it is after I unwrapped it..a nice card from Cris and this beautiful necklace...I love it!..

and of course I had to model it so you could see it on me..Thank you again Cris for this wonderful giveaway...this is going to be my new favorite necklace....:) I also went and got my hair done from a new gal named Ali, and I am happy with the way she did my is always hard when its your first time with some one new as they don't know your quirks etc..but I tell you it was like we knew each other..she is only 22 and has only been doing hair for about a year...and it is only 7 minutes from my old hair stylist dropped me like hot potato..and I am thinking I caught her in a it was a good thing..except now I have 2 purses that I need to sell or one anyway..unless I can find a Diane and she likes cats..cause if you go through my entrys.. I have those 2 purses I custom made in trade for doing my hair..but that has if anyone is interested just let me know..I will be posting the one on my selling blog tomorrow...well I am off to get dinner going..grilled cheese and ham sandwiches and soup...Take care and talk to you soon...:)


  1. You are soooooo adorable, honey! I love the haircut.......

  2. Great seeing you!!! Love the haircut too! So nice of Cris to send you such a cute necklace too!

  3. Gina ~ how cute you are & I love your haircut. You are such a hip chick. Love the necklace. I'm so lucky that our daughter is a beautician & she knows how I like my hair. Have a wonderful weekend. I'm so sorry about your kitty, I've been MIA and haven't had a chance to tell you.

  4. Your hair looks really cute! love the picture of you.What a really nice necklace & how sweet of her to send that.

  5. Gina, I am so glad you like your necklace! Your hair is adorable! My hair always turns out different because I just run in any ol' cheap place at the spur of the moment. Then when I actually like how my hair turns out, I never remember who cut it! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Cute necklace...cute friend!! Love your hair-cut!
    hugs, Cindy