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Friday, March 27, 2009

FleA MaRkeT FriDaY...

Well it's flea market friday!!! these are a first come first serve basis...if you don't like the price make me an offer and I will let you know..these are a paypal only items..I have 5 rub ons that I got on clearance and am not using them. 3 dark and stormy nights and 2 trick or treats...I paid a $1 each and that is what I would like to get for these so $5.00 total +shipping...
its not only a book on crocheting but a "BIG" book on crocheting... There are 10 sweaters you can make using the big book of crocheting..$5.00+shipping

ahh Planet earth..would have been great had we actually had a high defition DVD player..and since we don't...we cannot watch it...Got this at christmas opened it to see if it such luck..$30.00+shipping..

Never too early to get your christmas projects started I suppose...3 boxes of glass ornaments so 15 at 12.00+shipping..I am only asking to get what I purchased them for..they are $3.99 each..rounded up to $4.00 and $12.00 total...

4 graters I have actually taken one of those metal clips the kinds that are on clip boards and heavy duty magnets and made these into recipe card holders and put this on my fridge or you can wrap two together with wire and make it a standing recipe card holder..or just add them to your growing collection..I am not sure how old they are but the bottom left looks antique to me...
set of 4 $3.00+shipping...
Well I have to get my laundry swap done and hopefully shipped out this afternoon or by tomorrow so have a wonderful weekend..looks like a rainy one for us...pretty so far...but it will always does..:) email me if you have any questions you want to do some old fashioned bartering...:)

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  1. I lve the clear bulbs, I brought back some tiny shells from our cruise. I found in a scrapbook place tiny flip flops and the words "Vacation" I popped them all in one of these blubs and tied a gold shiney ribbon at the top and I have a nice ornament from my trip for my tree. I also made up 4 more for my bowling team as part of their gifts from me. You can do alot with them. Hugs Rene