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Saturday, March 28, 2009

SatUrDay FuNNieS...

Okay so I have a sick twisted sense of shoot me..but I think this one is hysterical...valentine cards I'd like to see...heheeeee...:)
and of course good ole Maxine...she is too funny....

right on sister...:)

I know we have all done this taste something and it tastes funny so you ask someone else to try it...I mean I am just confirming it doesn't taste right...hope you all have a wonderful is raining here in Washington...go I am staying inside and finishing up my laundry swap have one more item to make..then onto making some bunnys..I bought some of the cutest patterns from Veenas mercantile and Soft in the I got my work cut out for me this weekend...Enjoy your day!!!:)


  1. I Think it's a HOOT!!..So unexpected..made me laugh! Love your new hair cut too.. I never thought of taking my pic that way.Worked great!
    Hugs Rene

  2. Oh my gosh Gina ~ the valentine one had me cracking up. I showed it to my boss and she was drinking soda at the time...she spit it out laughing so hard!

    Thanks for making my day!