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Sunday, March 8, 2009

SunDay FuNnies and BaBies

This was just taken as we speak..Millie is sitting here getting her daily lovin from the mama..don't mind my paintin shirt..seems I have alot of those these days..isn't she as snug as a bug in a rug...
and here is miss lazy bones aka Sunny buns..she is still in bed as we speak...I was getting ready to make the bed..but didn't have the heart of messing with I covered her up..she gave a big stretch like she was going to move and then thought better of is where she sleeps all night long..she knows where her bread is buttered...:)

here is Silly Millie again in her usual spot a couple of days ago..she is snuggled at my chest needling my arm..he butt sits on my table...that is why she is Silly Millie..

some sunday funnys...

they take after their mama...I hate crooked pictures too...have a wonderful sunday..we had a tracing of snow last night..didn't last..we took a short walk after shampooing carpets yesterday and it was snowing on us...the carpets look fabulous thanks to my wonderful hubby..but of course someone puked on them twice during the night and a total of 5 times throughout the house..nothing like stepping in it..:0)..well have a great day..I am cleaning the house today..cause I can no longer stand it..then off to finish some crafting...staying home from church as I don't want to give anyone this cold of mine...have a great sunday with your familys and loved ones...:)


  1. Oh Gina, I wish you were having a better Sunday, Hope you get to feeling better soon! I mailed out your giveaway prize on Friday so keep a peeper out for it!

  2. Gina,

    Hope you're feeling better!

    Don't you just love freshly cleaned carpets?

    Your kitties look so cute!


  3. Those babies looks so cozy!(what does that say about your boobs??) LOL. Will get your books out this week.

  4. Hey Gina Bean---hope you are feeling better---Glad you stopped by the other day---it was nice to see ya! Take care and OH---I LOVE your new signs---how CUTE---the 'Hit the Road Jack' is my FAV!!!