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Monday, March 9, 2009

SneEk PeeKs...

This is a sneek peek at what I am making right now for is 24 inches long by 8 inches wide..I should be done with it today..
here are two little laundry samplers I made on my machine yesterday..they turned out so cute..I will put them in frames that I paint black and distress..these will look so cute in a laundry room...

and here are 4 of our babies snoozing on our bed yesterday...they all have their favorite spots to snuggle up on...It snowed for about 5 minutes today..cold as heck like it should be snowing though..I've got a beef pot roast with all the fixins in the crockpot already..going to be making banana bread later on..I made a buttermilk pie last was okay...I am going to be doing "FLEA MARKET FRIDAYS" from now on ....I have so much stuff and not using first come first served..I hope you will join me for that..might be something to use in your decorating or crafting...well I am off to do some painting..take care and have a wonderful week..:)


  1. Oh goodie... I am coming over for banana bread ! I have been wanting to make that, but trying to cut down on the sweets ... I have been sitting too much this winter sewing... and it caught up to me..
    I am making beef stroganoff for dinner, so it must be a beefy day !

    Your flower picture is great ! The little laundry prints are cute !

  2. Can't figure out what you are making there. Your stitcheries would look so cute in a prim laundry room. Looking forward to fleamarket friday.

  3. Those laundry stitcheries are so cute. Don't you WISH you could get someone to do your laundry for 10 cents? Those kitties look so darn cozy, just makes me wanna take a nap with them!

  4. PS I have an award for you on my blog!

  5. You have been one busy girl. The banana bread sounds yummy. Your laundry stitching is cute! Flea Market Friday has been good for me. This Friday though, mine will have a twist.

  6. Gina,
    Love how the little laundry samplers came out! Glad to of helped get them the right size for you.
    From what I see of your flower is going to be awesome!
    hugs, Cindy