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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

AwArds, GiFts GiVen and FiNisHed ProJeCts...

Hi there all! I hope your tuesday is treating you well..I finished up my flower sign mixed media and think it turned out really well..This would look so neat on a sun porch or someones decorated gardening shed or anywhere in your home that you want a touch of Whimsy and spring... The R has a flower from my garden from last summer..I love those flowers..
This will be on my selling blog so if you are interested in it let me is 24 inches long by 8 inches wide I believe...(going from memory)..

Here is the gift I won from Sue at Country Pleasures..boy that came quick...I added the little candle to it..She gave me a wonderful St. Patricks day card with a wonderful note in it and 3 packets of favorite flowers I might they will be planted soon..I can't wait to see them coming up... I put my gift in my bedroom since I have that cottegy look and it is on my shelf next to my bed..looks right at home there too..Thank you again Sue for this wonderful giveaway...

Cris of Mommys Midwest Mountain blog gave me this award...How thoughtful is that?..she is a sweetie...thank you for the great award.. If you haven't been to her blog you must..she does the cutest paintings and they are awesome...especially the ones with kittys on them...

This metal tray sits on a shelf in my dining room...I thought you all might like to know How to preserve your husband...I get the biggest kick out of click on the photo to enlarge it...:)

I was taking photos of the chillians last night enjoying the nice warm fire..This is our baby Pody Ann on the chaise on her sheep skin..she loves her pic taken..and she loves to lay like that..she is the gotta love her...

who can resist that precious face...she just makes me smile with those pretty green eyes...she thinks she likes Tuckers food now...I always said she was part puppy..

Here is our skinny minnie Gracie..she just loves her fire...they all take turns laying here too...

Here is our big boy Tucker..he has gotten so tall..not in length...that is the same..but he is leggy and tall..he weighs probably 13-14 pounds now..we will weigh him tonight at class..I am making banana bread for class tonight...also stopping by Joanns my coupons and I need a few things..I have all my ingredients now to make my homemade laundry soap...I can't wait to use it and now I can finish up another project...
I have a question to all of you that do redos..I have my bathroom vanity that I am itching to paint over the paper like finish..that is what it is a vaneer that is paper and then cheap board has a shiny finish somewhat on the do I paint this and keep the paint from I use that Kilz stuff and then paint..I am painting this black and want a nice satin sheen...and then do I seal it???? any suggestions? thanks again for your help...Well yesterday I went through my room for stuff to put up in my Flea market friday...I have found a whole slew of stay tuned...well I am off to get my day going and do a quick clean up and tidy up of the house and then going to go grocery shopping..gotta get back and bake banana bread and get the chicken on the rotisserie for tonights dinner and then go to class..last nights beef dinner was cooked all day in the crock and feel apart...I saved the broth for future soups...have a great tuesday....:)


  1. Gina~I am sorry that I haven't gotten back with you about the other mixed media from the last post!
    I love the new Flower one on this post too!
    You are so talented!
    Let me do a little more arranging before I commmit to either one.
    I will get back with you as soon as I figure out a place to display such a master piece!

  2. Wow, that was fast! Glad you liked it, enjoy! As for the vanity, I would use a primer first, that should do the trick, hopefully? Let us know how it turns out!

  3. That sign is pretty cool, Gina! Been changing things up, I see. I need to start making some money. Maybe I should make something that would sell! lmao!

  4. Love your sign, that's really neat!
    What a great gift too ;)
    I think you would have to apply a base primer to your vanity. As long as you aren't sanding it to distress it you should be ok. Yeah, then seal it, I just use water based Poly, satin finish and put a few coats on. It dries faily quick and has no odor...and mine holds up great. I'm sure they have something that can go over it to help the paint to bond.

    Good luck.

  5. Oh I was gonna say too, Man that's one huge cat:)
    and Tucker is so CUTE!

  6. Hi Gina, I've nominated you for an award so pop over to my blog to collect it. Pam xx

  7. oh, those fat little babies!! Wow, your fat girl is as big as my fat boy!! All of that fur... ain't it great?? SO CUTE!! I could just do a snuggle with that furry girl!!

  8. The sign turned out really cool! OMG Pody Ann is so adorably plump! I love your cozy kitty pictures!

  9. OH MY!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR SIGN!!!!!

    I've been making my own laundry deter. for about a year now.
    Give those furbabies of yours a smooch for me. :> )