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Thursday, March 12, 2009

SpuR oF thE MoMenT..

Well my best friend Kimmy called yesterday and we chatted for about 2 hours on the phone..then she called me back and wanted to go shopping..and you all know me..I said heck ya!! so we met up at Walmart..and ladys they love me at Joanns and apparently at Walmart had this cutest purse she was carrying and naturally I thought she made it..but she will make a pattern from it I am sure...she even bought some items to get them I just fell in love with them and we found them and I not only bought one..but I bought 2..I couldn't resist one is for spring and summer and the other for winter...they were only $10 bucks a piece and they are soooo flipping comfortable to wear..and they look like vintage another plus there..I also got a new top that was $12 walmart...and I got the big glass jar above..deciding whether to put my homemade laundry soap in it or not..would look soooo good with one of the label that Rene is making for me..if not I am sure I will find something in the kitchen to use it for..I also got a big plastic rubbermade bin to use for soap as well..and I bought plastic eggs to make those grungy eggs with..can't wait..and my bargain for the day was the big enamelware tub..that I will make something with..just need to finish it up..then I will share that with you...;) I also got a new water bottle that you freeze the inside and then put your water in it...I love ice cold water...and it is in red my designer color

I also bought me a lazy susan so I could duplicate what Leslie did with hers..I just love the idea and My friend Kimmy saw the photo and went and made her lazy susan..I tell you that girl can make anything and is so crafty and gives me inspiration all the time...she however is not easy on my check book..oh we feed off each other...but we always have so much stinkin fun together...

we went to downtown Poulsbo a little town about 15 minutes from my house..they have all sorts of stores with artsy fartsy items and antiques we hit most of them..our favs anyway...and I bought 4 of these little sheep and will use them on my mixed medias..I have some ideas and patterns to stay tuned...

we stopped at one of our favorites that is jam packed with all sorts of silly stuff..and we love reading the cards..I tell you we laugh ourselves silly there..Here are 3 that I bought for future on the photos to read them and below is whats inside..they just made us laugh like you wouldn't believe...I am sure you all would love to get one of these...:) I almost forgot..I bought 4 pansy johnny jumps hanging baskets too..they will hang on my front porch..but it is so cold they are in the garage right now getting away from the cooooolllldd..

I am having a tupperware party tomorrow night and must go and call and see if anyone is coming or not..or if this is another party to go bust..only had 7 out of 22 that I invited that were kind enough to let me know one way or another...doesn't anybody RSVP anymore? is discouraging to say the least..just let me know yes or no..I am okay with no...anyway we are having a beautiful day again...but it is cold..but gotta get the chillians outside for a romp..Tucker is out there doing who knows what....I also want to welcome another gal to blog land..she is practically my neighbor..her name is Shirley Hudson of Hudson Holidays and she sells and makes wonderful patterns, and printables and she is having a sale right now..I bought 5 of her instant printables...and I also have a few of her patterns..that I need to start welcome her to blog land and say hello..have a wonderful thursday...:)


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, & got a lot of things to keep you busy. Best to you on your tupperware party & your Flea Market Friday!! I'll check in tomorrow.

  2. I love that jar, I'll have to see if my Walmart has them? Sounds like you had the best day! Off to check out Shirley's blog!

  3. Sounds like you had great fun Gina. Pam xx

  4. What a fun day, Gina. I know now that Joanne's loves you, you must be the bestest customer. Love your walmart jar ~ it would look great with your laundry soap & a vintage label. Have a great day. I'll be back for fleamarket Friday.

  5. You are always busy with soemething interesting - now you have me so curious!! LOL

    It's great you have a friend to shop with and who inspires you to craft and create. Friends like that are special - even if they cost you money!! LOL Have a great day!!

  6. Wow, girlfriend. I have not been OUT shopping in a long time...if you dont count cat food or groceries. LOL

    I did get some things in the mail, however! Yippy!~

  7. OMG! Is there anything left in any of the stores?
    You are going to be busy for a very long time with all of those goodies you purchased today!
    Expecting to be snowed in for a week or two?
    It really sounds like you and Kimmy had a fantastic time...It's great to have a good friend like her to shop with.
    Enjoy your great buys!

  8. If I wasn't a few hundred miles south of you I would come to your Tupperware party. Haven't been to one for years......LOL I love the jar and think it would be a great place for your laundry soap. Can't wait to see how you use all your treasures.

  9. Sounds like you and Kimmie had alot of fun. I'm missing my friend Linda...she is out in VA visiting her newest grandbaby.
    Love the purses you got...wonder if my Walmart has any. Also love that jar and I think your laundry soap would look great in it.
    I'ld come to your tupperware party if I lived closer. I hope it goes well for you.
    hugs, Cindy

  10. Oh what a FUN day you two had!
    Love your big jar, that would look so neat filled w/laundry soap and a prim label!
    Love those little sheep ya got a ton of goodies!

    Have a Fabulous Friday, Gina!