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Friday, March 13, 2009

FleA MaRkeT FriDaY...

Welcome to flea market friday..I am going through a bunch of stuff that I have collected and bought over time and it is time to get rid of it all..some may be vintage, some not. some crafty type items and again some not... Above are 10 little golden books in wonderful condition..they are all sesame street books. The whole lot $5.00+shipping..just give me your zipcode for exact shipping..all of these items are a first come first serve basis.. MAKE ME AN OFFER ON ANY OF THESE ITEMS IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE PRICE YOU SEE HERE...;)
This is a book on has some great photos of farmhouses..$4.00+shipping...

and here we have my collection of pampered chef cookbooks that I have maybe used once..just don't use cookbooks that often and I have more then I want to admit they may be going as well in the future..for the lot $12.00+shipping..that 4 bucks each..I will have more next week for you to peek at until it is all gone...Remember one persons trash is another persons treasure...:) Stop by my friend over at up on a hill for her flea market friday...hope you all have a wonderful weekend..I am canceling my tupperware party as I can't get any one to RSVP and simply return my phone calls..very irritating to say the least..but what can you do...gets old real quick I tell I am going to craft and enjoy myself..Mike has Tucker at work and is bringing home Thai food take out tonight and it is a bright and glorious sunny day..what more could a girl ask for...have a great weekend everyone...:)


  1. Thai food sounds awesome! I wish my hubby/family would go for that!!!!

  2. I saved most of those children's books until my kids were in their 20's. Then they took them. Thank you for the plug! I'll be talking to you soon.

  3. Hi Gina,
    Thanks for the kinds words my friend. I'm hanging in there...having little Chloe around has helped. She has been following me around all day...trying to help her mommy feel better.
    Don't forget to come to my birthday post today...haven't seen you there yet today and the comments you leave for me there always bright my day!
    Sending hugs to you for just being you!