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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ThaNk YoU LaDies FoR YouR OpiNonS...

First off a smile to make you giggle...this just makes me smile...:)
2ndly why men should not take phone an email and had to share this one....toooooo funny...

Went to Joanns to return some stuff and I had 5 coupons to darn tootin..I am going to use is like coupon abuse if I don't use I bought a big metal star to hang in my bedroom..see photo looks so good with my sign above my bed...I also got some colored shrinky stuff..and the little terracotta pot...those 2 are for a fun spring like project..I saw it on Creative Juice yesterday and thought I would give it a shot...they had another project on that day as well..using little wooden clip boards...I was told I could get these at when I make my returns I will see...Also thank you ladies for letting me know your opinion on the valances..I have chosen not to put up the valances and leave them as they are..I do love the warmth they exude...really added to the livingroom..amazing how color can do that...

There is the star in all its glory now..just what that wreath needed..

Here are the cookies that I baked yesterday for Tuckers class..they seemed to go over well for everyone...including the little kids that were there...if anyone wants the recipe let me know...these are sooo good hot out of the oven and taste better then any store bought cookie..

I had to share some cute photos from yesterdays blogging...Sunny loves to be with me as I blog in the morning...and the fact that she gets to eat at my table she LOVES that...she loves to also walk in front of my computer so I can't see it very well..and she did yesterday...I was on farmhouse blessings blog and there is snow falling and she had to investigate it..

can she get any closer...what a little nut... Well Mike is sick with some sort of sinus he is miserable...on top of started off cold and rainy and windy..and now at is sunny and gorgeous!... I even built a favorite thing...a fire, my breakfast and catching up on tv...okay gotta get cracking before Mike gets home from has been so nice and quiet with him taking Tucker to work...just wish it would last...:) hope you all are having a wonderful day...Oh there is a link in my left side bar that you should go is having fun with food storage..might just give you all some tips and hints and get your food storage in order...
Take care and talk to you all soon...:)


  1. First of all, Gina...that dog picture is scary!! I had to read that Pabst Beer twice before I got it...LMAO~ Luckily I try keeping kitties out of the way of the computer...they love stepping on the keys..then I am like OH NO!!!!

  2. Hey Gina, I have every Rachel Ashwell book she did -- and I am happy to send them to you if you want them -there are like 4 of them,so you can just dream away! I was very into shabby chic for the longest time. So just let me know if you want them and they are yours! -- I have the funniest cat picture which I will post tomorrow.I love how Sunny reads your computer screen -- funny!

  3. I really like the dog pic , he looks like he would like to get into some trouble. We had a cat that when he watched a video of a kite going through the air, he would be batting at the screen. The least little things amazed animals. Hope your hubby feels better & of course the star is cool, & looks great. I am a star kinda girl.

  4. Hi Gina,
    Love the picture of your kitty blogging!! I love the star on the the whole look with the shutters behind the bed.

  5. I love the big star and it looks great in your bedroom! You're right - perfect with that sign!

  6. Sunny is soooooo cute!!! Love those photos.
    Many purrs to both of you...