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Thursday, February 26, 2009

I ThOuGht It Was SprInG..WhaT I WoKe Up To...

Well I never saw this one coming...looked out my window at 7am this morning and had to take some pictures of snow!! we got about 2 inches here...It is noon and it is melting fast...

There is so much beauty in the just blankets you in all its whiteness...Just glad I had no where to go this morning..cause this chick won't drive in sireee much for spring...:)

so much for showing you photos of spring...heheeehee have a wonderful thursday everyone...:)


  1. Gina...You must post late at times because I keep missing your posts!
    Anyway, I am glad that I found this because those pics are beautiful!
    We are having nothing but grey skies here today...I will trade ya!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful, but you are like me, here in Ohio, I WANT SPRING!!!! Thanks for stopping by & visiting me.