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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

iT FeeLs LiKe SpRinG....And CuRtaiNs...

Okay I bought new curtains for the living room recently and just put them up...I love them and they add so much warmth and color to our room..its not like I needed any more color..but the colors are the exact colors on our walls and in the dining how could I my dilemia is I also bought valances..shown below 2 photos down..My hubby likes it without valances...I would love your opinions out there..what do you think? valances or not?

Well I thought I would post some spring time going on in our yard right now...This primrose is in my vegetable garden and is always the first thing to bloom..and it is the only one blooming in the yard right now...I have alot of primroses native to our state and this is the only one blooming...

Here is another little delicate plant blooming right now..I do not know what they are called but I just love them...little white blossoms..there is about 4 blooming up by the front gate...

here is more of them....sweet huh...:)

Here are the crocuses blooming in my neighbors yard..and they are the first to bloom in her yard..I just love all the vibrant colors..and there are so many..

Here is my little helper..Stanley Steamer just loves to be with us and loves to help...he is a big social butterfly that is soft and squishy and makes us smile...he is rolling in the gravel because I am trying to get his photo....

Here is Margarita or better known as margy fargy (said like go not geez)...make sense...she is sunning herself on the front porch in her little bed....that is where I find her most days...Today started out so sunny and pretty and has gotten a bit breezy and over cast..go figure this is washington...

more of Margy...

big stretch...

Okay here is Tucker with a pacifier in his mouth..yes they were out on a early morning walk and came upon this pacifier..Tuc carried it in his mouth most of the we were trying to get a photo of it in his mouth..what a little stinker...tonight is his 2nd class (kindegarton) for him..I am baking giant snickerdoodles to take to class for all the adults...isn't that what moms are supposed to do..bring treats...Lol..making some returns at Joanns and getting a few things..I was up early...okay 8:30am is early for me..but I am a night owl..had a crappy nights rest as Mike kept snoring..usually that is me..but I just couldn't sleep so up I went and started cleaning and mopping floors..vacuumed top and bottom and was done by 10:30am and then got the snickerdoodles chillin in the I must go and bake them...shower and get dinner ready so we can get a quick dinner of Spaghetti with Checca is one of our the recipe off of has mozzerella balls in it..that sort of melt from the hot spaghetti...really a tasty dish..then off to our class..Tucker also has an appt with the vets for some shots and we have to take his poop he may not be in any mood to socialize tonight...we shall see...Mike is taking Tucker in to work all this am trying to get some stuff interruptions...gotta get 2 baby gifts done..2 sweatshirts and 2 purses and some items done for our monthly selling be updated by the 7th...hope you are all having a wonderful day...Take care...:)


  1. Too cute!!! Those kitties and the pup are just tooooo cute!!! As far as the curtains- I love them!! my vote (for what it's worth is....No Valence. :>)They look great the way they are!

  2. I love the curtains just the way they are. the room is so cozy and country without the valances. I can't believe it is so warm there already! No signs of spring here in Missouri yet. I think those white flowers may be called snow drops, but I'm not sure. Have a great week!

  3. valances..yes!!! They are nice without them, but the valance would make them more elegant. Without, is just sorta plain or prim and your couch and fur look more elegant. Either way should be fine, though.

  4. I say no valance, just my opinion. I love to see flowers popping up in the spring but that won't be for a couple of months here in mi.

  5. No fair ! Hey Gina... send some of that warm weather here !.. and the flowers.. well, it's nice to know that spring is springing up somewhere !..

    Either way for the curtains .. like that valance.. it would make it cozier with the valance , but less light..

  6. I say they are great without a valance. Love the warm colors too.
    Enjoy the touches of spring and keep on showing them to us - it gives me hope!!

  7. Hi Gina,
    Love the curtains just the way there vote is no valance.
    Oh how seeing your flowers gives me hope that Spring is not far away!!
    Tucker is too cute with a pacifer in his mouth!! And what a good mommy you are to take cookies to the parents at doggie school!
    hugs, Cindy

  8. OH MY!! I LOVE those curtains!! It's so warm and cozy in there.
    Sure rub it in by showin' all your flowers in bloom!!
    I love those furbabies too! I get the biggest kick out of Stanley. That was my daddy's name. :> )

  9. Hi gina,
    I say that look perfect just the way they are. Take the valances back. Don't need them and then get matching pillows from your curtains. LOL
    OH Tucker is a cutie.
    The flowers are snow drops and are a bulb. I have some from Grandma's garden. I am looking forward to spring and clean up- yeh- not but will be worth it.
    I am wicked busy too but hopefully we can get together soon.

  10. Awwww, Tucker is TOO cute with that Nukie!! My son would go nuts to see that:)

    I love your curtains and think they look great just as they are

  11. No valances!
    I love Tuc's night night and you know I love your Kitties! Beth

  12. Awhh that Tucker is so darn cute!! (so are the kitties)!
    I love your bits of spring popping up...sure wish our snow was gone...I can't wait to see my flowers...or anything for that matter...besides this SNOW! :)

    I love your curtains, I like them without the valance!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!


  13. Oh you have flowers!!! Not fair, I want them too!!! Like your curtains & they look good just the way they are. All of your furry friends are so cute!

  14. I too love the curtains the way they are, simple does it! Your living room looks so cozy! And that little white flower looks like a paper white. Love the primrose too!