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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WhaTcha WorKin on WedNesDay...ThuRsday....etc...

Man I love Fabric!...and they have had some pretty awesome fabric at Joanns these will either go on dolls or make purses out of them..look at the cute puppys and bones on one and more cats of course and teddy bears and quilting/sewing on the other...
okay this is what I have been busy doing on the couch while doggy sitting and just watching tv...doll sweaters..they are so much fun..

here are my 5 dolls and parts and fabric now if I could just get some time...okay that is it for me...2 entrys in one day...oh Tuc is sleeping right now...:)


  1. I too love the fabric you found! Can't wait to see what you make of it!

  2. Gina, I love your fabric, too. what darling little doll sweaters, just the cutest. Your little puppy wore himself out, hey? He is so cute but aren't puppies alot of work? Have a great week.


  3. Nice fabrics Gina!! Now get some mohair and make up some kitties to go into that fabric =) Kim

  4. Love the fabrics!
    What cute little sweaters!
    I can't wait to see them on the dolls!

    Have a great day!


  5. Those sweaters are too darn cute!!

  6. That baby is so sweet...but I know what you mean..cats are so much easier! beth

  7. Love your fabric, sadly we don't have a JoAnn's close by...but I will be working on making a trip there in a couple of weeks!!
    And those doll sweaters are just too darn cute!!!

  8. oh, Gina.. your puppy is adorable.. but I bet a big adjustment..the kitties are self reliant more or less..

  9. Gina,
    Love the fabric you got!! Wow..have you been busy making the cutest little sweaters!
    Tucker is getting bigger and cuter everyday. Love the pictures of him playing with you kitty.

  10. Thanks for stopping by; I love to make new friends; it looks like some of my ole' friends is here too so you have to be so cool! Those critters at Whendi's are so fab; I just wish the prices were not so high; I am so amazed at her talent. I did not think that things were selling well right now because of the economy;) but she has really got it going on, so maybe there is hope for me yet!!! One day maybe. Those will be such heirlooms and well worth the investment I know. Well I am so glad to meet you and I am adding you to my faves; I think you are in my reader already; hey love the pup; and that license plate; woo hoo; nothing like advertising LOL! Merrie

  11. Hey Gina Bean---LOVE LOVE LOVE fabric----and you have found some treasures---we have a Textile Outlet near by and I went in there the other day---affraid to report that I was NOT in NEED of any said fabric, but I sure found some that I just couldn't live without---Fabric Squirrel that I am --tee hee

  12. Okay Gina your place is starting to look like mine, body parts EVERYWHERE!!!! I hope this note finds you and yours safe and dry???? I think we should definitely try to meet up while I am out west. Will be in Oregon for part of February then on to Washington. Send my your digits and I can give you a call when I get there! Stay Dry!