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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

CatChinG Up....

Well what can I say....My friend found this for me and it reminded her of me...too funny..
Well it has been almost a week since I have blogged an entry..and it has been killing me..but this little stinker has kept me pretty busy...I do nothing all day but make sure he is cared for and sneak cleaning in in between naps etc..he is more mobile now and have to watch that little has gotten better but we still have accidents...I have been reading everyones blogs just not doing my own..When Mike comes home from work..I take off..its ME TIME!...the only time I leave the house any more is when Mike is home..or this one screams bloody murder..I don't know if he is just lonely or afraid or has seperation anxiety..but he better get over it..cause this kid needs some social interaction from time to is dipping into the cats toy box and loves it...His name should be "TempleTon" as it is a varitable smorgasbord for they are small enough for him to carry..

here he is in a bed that was meant for the kittys..but I decided to put his toys in keep order in this house...and he loves it!..he sleeps in it too...My DH noticed something about 3 days ago and had me come and watch and it is the funniest thing ever...He herds his toys now..and puts them back in his basket...what more could a mom ask for their kids putting their own toys away...but seriously folks..he does this..if we toss out 2 toys..he will put one in his mouth and scooch the other one with his chest to where his basket is..and he will just keep this up..he has to have them in the our little Aussie is doing his thing already...

still playing in his toy box..cute tum tum...

do you think his daddy loves him!.... WHOS YOUR DADDY!!!!

He went in for another check up on saturday and got his first set of shots and he was still nervous being at petsmart with all the other we are taking it slow...but want to get him socialized so that he is a well rounded puppy...I can't wait for him to be big enough to take him seems where we live there is an abundance of dogs and cats...he will be going to doggy training next month....he already sits..just need to work on stay and come...Sunday he decided he didn't want to be in his kennel for the night and proceeded to whine and I mean whine and cry from 1:30am till 4:30am..we didn't want to get him out of the kennel cause that meant he had won and we will not condone that behavior..but after a sleepless DH went in his room and he quieted now they sleep in the guest room till he knows this is where he needs to go and we have had 2 great nights..thank goodness cause this gal needs all the beauty rest she can get...which isn't much anyway as I toss and turn do to my hips aching all night long...

here is Tucker and our Otto Bisquit carrying on on our bed...they were actually playing together..but our otto is almost 18 and Tuc is starting to play we broke it up..he does love his otto...the others have calmed down a bit..but they still keep their distance..but we are getting them out as weather permits so they can all play in the back yard..they all love it of course...

I'm ready for my close up..he has changed so much in one week..he goes to the door now to go potty and he can go up and down the stairs now.. he loves exploring the yard now and will make us chase him to bring him back we have to watch him closer..he still doesn't like his might as well be dragging a sack of working on that one,,,

here is our puppy aka kitty...this is his newest spot...thats silly Millie above him..just out of reach...:)

okay so you are wondering why I took a photo of all my grocerys...well my little sister has been trying to get me to save money on my grocery bill for about a year now..and I just wasn't getting monday night she calls me up and asks if I still have my Albertsons ad..which I tossed in the recycling a week ago and it was long gone to the recycling I didn't have we went online as this add was ending we got a shopping list and all the coupons printed out online for me to go and do my shopping...I had 3 lists and sets of coupons and I was determined to learn this way of shopping...(as far as saving money goes)..she will tell me how much she would have spent on grocerys and what she actually spends and it is amazing..she has this down to a fine art...and she is good at it...when I went back home last October..I saw her food storage and was totally amazed...there was food everywhere and most of it was either under a buck or two or free..she spends hours on her computer at night when the ad comes out to print her coupons and grocery list up...and she was determined to get her big sister doing this..she already has my brother doing we spent about 2 hours and we got this done...
How much do you think this would cost without coupons etc?

Here is what I got...20 cans of progresso soup, 2 giant rolls of 8 bounty paper towels, 1 downy simple pleasures softener, 2-4pk of yoplus yogurt, 2 hefty ziplock boxes, 1 swiffer wet pad, and one dry pads box, 3 boxes cake mix, 4 boxes betty crocker blueberry muffin mixes, 2 boxes of bisquick, 3 fiber one pancake mixes, 2 fiber one muffin mixes, 4 boxes granola chewy bars, 6 boxes fiber one cereal, 10 boxes of tissue, 6 boxes/packages of green giant frozen veggies,...

I will post what I spent and saved tomorrow...You will be amazed and astounded..I don't know about you..but in this day and time of jobs etc..I want to save money as my grocery bills are always high..even at our I want to learn if you all have an Albertsons in your area...and they have these killer sales.. you must go..yesterdays/last weeks was double your coupon day..and I had coupons that were a dollar off one for alot of these...

Okay on with cooking..I spent the day on monday cooking and being with the "kid" so this was our dinner on monday..Tandori chicken and Garbanzo beans made into a mash...very tasty..I must say..I got this recipe from Rachel Ray..

I also made christmas jam that was from a fellow blogger.. Sue at Country Pleasures..
I just wished I had actually made it for christmas to give to all the is sooooooo good and will definitely be a keeper for now I can do blackberry in the summer when they are ripe in our neighborhood and this one..I baked 2 pies that unfortunately look better then they taste...they are berry cream pies..and I will be tossing this recipe...and the pies...well you win some you lose some..they are just not what I expected a cream pie to taste why bother putting those calories in my body for so so...well the kid is crying down I guess I will go get him out of his kennel and start my day... I have been knitting up a storm and am on my 11th doll me somthing to do...whilst I baby sit...I hope you have a wonderful day..I will have more to blog tomorrow...Take care...


  1. UGH! Gina I can not believe that you are keeping us waiting on the savings?
    I love saving money on groceries...that is why I shop at Aldi's...I have never heard of Albertson's! Can't wait to hear how much you spent on all of that!
    I so love that puppy! He is simply too cute and playful!!
    You can send him to me when you get tired of have my addy!!

  2. Gina...great post!!
    I am with you on the grocery savings...the cost of everything is so darn high.
    I started using to help with finding the best deals at my local groceries and saves some of the time in hunting everything down. can't wait to read how much you saved!!!
    (and he puppy is adorable!!!)

  3. Glad to see you back Gina!

    Tucker sure is a cutie and I love that he puts his toys back in the basket:)

    I'll be checking back to see how much you saved:)

  4. awww!! I loved reading about your puppy and kitty Gina :) Looks like you got ALOT of food and I am guessings you saved quite a bit by using coupons ~ Way to go!! EVERY little bit helps :) Carla xox