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Thursday, January 8, 2009

I muSt bE dOiNg SoMetHinG RiGht....

I just got another award from Keri at Primitive Kountry Happenings. Thats 3 this week..I haven't had this many I thank you all very kindly...
so now I have to select 10 deserving folks...I love you all so I am going to let you all have this one this time...But what fun this is to receive awards and to know that folks like coming to your blog and reading all about you...I changed my header up..this is 3 of our babys snoozing by the fire..The two darker ones are actual sisters and we had just gotten them from Petsmart late October...they are snoozing with their big brother Otto..the little one with the white still plays with him...(he will only let her play with him)...Well little Tucker is branching out more now and wants so desperately to play with the kittys...and herd them...But they are still standing their ground..but they are much more relaxed around him that is good...but we have so much work ahead of us in getting him to be a well rounded puppy..(I just wish I had one of those "easy" buttons)...cause I sure would like to be freed of my prison...Tonight we put him in the crate while we ate and he threw a fit...we let him cry (about 15 minutes) till he cried himself to we won that round..he needs to know we will not let him out just cause he bawls..and this little guy has a set of lungs on him...makes me kind of want to pull my own hair daddy is home and spending good quality time with him..while I am upstairs on the computer...I need my space right now...I am getting to old for this kind of stuff..he will be our last dog..that is for sure...I would rather have cats hands down...but will give this little guy a try...any way I hope you all have a wonderful weekend...working on 5 dolls that are my own the stuffing stage right now..hoping to do more tomorrow...if Tucker lets me.....


  1. LOL how cute it that pic and the memories that flooded through my head when you chatted about the boy. ah we did that a few years ago. I am with you, getting too old for this stuff, but can't live without a dog.
    Good momma let him whine.
    If you would be so kind as to change your link on your list to my new one I would appreciate it!

  2. ooops, forgot this

  3. Gina,
    Congrats on your award. I love visiting your blog to see what you are all up to. Love your new header. I love having my dog, she always lets me know what's going on. Like Simon says (haha) dogs can hear, smell, see things that we can't. We live back in the woods with lots of wildlife so that's a good thing. I wouldn't want to be hanging out laundry and have a bear or skunk sneak up on me. Have an awesome day.


  4. Congratulations on your award...You deserve it!!
    It is so funny about Tucker...Just like a human baby!
    You sound like you have your hands full!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Gina
    CONGRATS on your award-S plural-you do deserve them... your blog is a FUN TIME, girl!
    Love your header pic!
    Guess "Tucker's" name suites the lil feller well! :) Does he "tucker ya"?

    Have a GREAT DAY!


  6. Love the new header!! And congrats on your award as well!

  7. Hi Gina,
    Your new header is soooo cute! The kitties just look so cozy all snuggle together.

  8. surfed in and just adore your header....great blog!

  9. Hi Gina!

    Love the header and Tucker sounds just like being a baby!

    We adore Buster and little part of the reason we got him was we live up where there aren't any houses just ours and woods and he can hear what I can't. Animals are the best:0

  10. WOWOWOW congrats on all the awards~

    I love the new banner how darn cute is that. My heart strings are a signin! AWWWWWWW

    I am not surprised you receive all these awards you are fun lovin and just too sweet..

    How is the new baby ?


  11. I finally am leaving a comment. If my computer will let me.
    (This is Stephanie from Joann's by the way.)
    Tucker is SO adoreable! I wish I had a home to be able to keep a little guy like him or his sisters.
    Anyways. I'm finally leaving you a little love in your blog from me. I will see you at Joann's soon!