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Thursday, January 15, 2009

And The ToTal iS.....

Well are you curious to know what I spent on the groceries...I honestly thought I would have had more folks inquiring about it...but any way...I only spent $90 bucks and saved $185...not bad for a first time..I could have saved another $15.00 but wasn't my sister is learning me..and we went through the ad again yesterday cause the new ad came out and I have my list and tomorrows total will be $58.68+tax and it will cost me $10.00...not too shabby huh? hubby is going to make me some shelves in the upper portion of the garage so I can store it all..I am having a lot of fun saving money..never cared now I am all over little sister is the master and I am learning from the best...and she said she would call me every week when the new add comes out and we will shop together (so to speak)..and then off I go...she has to go super early in the morning right after they have stocked the shelves as everyone there does it is still I can go whenever I feel like it...that is my news..nothing else going on...I hope you all have a wonderful day...:)


  1. That's so great! I really need to get back into using coupons, it's been 20 yrs. since I did last. What's some good sites where I can print them off? Help me save money too! lol

  2. Hey girlfriend, better store up on DOG FOOD!! LOL. How's that boy doing? Check animal planet on Sunday AMs -- lots of dog training stuff that's pretty cool. I LOVE coupons, BTW, but I don't save as much as I like because I eat so much fresh food for WW, and that stuff is never on sale :<(. But I agree -- today, it's the only way to go.

  3. Wooohooooo...Go for it!! It is kind of addicting and my Dad and I go shopping together and have a competition on who saves the most! LOL!! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! Hugs, MO

  4. wowweee wow wow!! I usually get $10 worth of groceries but pay $400!!! I've got it all wrong!!!! Good for you for saving so much!!! Now you can spend more on fabric!!! YEA!!!!!!

    Congrats girl!!! Great job!!!

  5. Great job! So what's the website where you print out your coupons, if I might be so nosy....