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Friday, January 16, 2009

ShoPPing Again....

Okay I went back to Albertsons again today and look at what I bought for are you ready for this $22.00. I used $38.00 in coupons plus because I am a member of the store (you know you get the little scanner thing on your key chain) and that saves you as I save a grand total of $95.37...that is huge..and the milk was free...I got 2 boxes of fiber one pastrys, 4 boxes of healthy choice frozen cafe dinners, 4 egg beaters, 2 pam cooking spray, 1 milk 2 boxes of ceral, 2 1 pounds of hamburger, 12 cans of tomatoes, big block of tillimock cheese and 4 boxes of orville popcorn..Well tomorrow I am going in for a haircut..I have decided this perm just damaged my hair to no end so I am going to go a bit shorter, don't want to..but need to cut it I will have a whole new look and hoping I like it...was trying to grow it out not long by any means, but more Posh spice like..but that is gone..gotta get a luminary done before sunday as we are trying to do a craft a month thing for anyone that is interested...Hope your day has gone really well..This saving money thing has been really fun and now I can have the food storage of my dreams and not break the banks...
Oh I am having a SCENTSY Candle party..They are wickless you plug them in..and I tell you the scents last if anyone wants to order and help out my party they will directly ship it to you...that is how I got is the link:
click on "my events" then on my name Gina Cooper..and you can mix and match scents for a whole other new scent...I have mine in my kitchen and can smell it upstairs...I love that it is a plug only uses a 25 watt light bulb and I don't have to worry about my cats burning their butts or burning down the house because I fell asleep..they also have night light ones too..go to the website and check out what they have...they have a nice assortment for all our decorating decors..okay have a great weekend and talk to you soon...:)


  1. Great Job! I'm also a big couponer. That's great that your sister is teaching you, after you catch on it's easy and fun, almost addicting. I just think it's great not paying all that money for groceries.
    Have a great night!


  2. Okay, okay you have to teach me this. Please? cause I need to be saving money and don't do well in the food dept. you can tell by my butt and my bill. LOL
    What a cutie tucker is turning out to be. Believe it or not Gina when Pilgrim was little I rocked him to sleep every afternoon. LOL Do you think he is spoiled?- yeppers.
    We will get together soon. I have been collecting stuff for you.

  3. You sound as if you've saved a fortune. I've just found a site over here in the UK that gives coupons, points and money off from certain retailers and I've signed up straight away!! Say a great big thank you to your sister too because I wouldn't have know about these sites if I hadn't been reading your blog.
    Pam x

  4. Hi Gina ~ how the heck to you get coupons for all that stuff? I try going online to find them and just can't!

    I'm gonna visit the scent site..I might just have to place an order!!


  5. Holy Crap!!! I drop a hundred bucks and only come out with two bags!
    Will you please do all my grocery shoppin' from now on?! :> )

  6. Wow!!! Again I say, WOW!!!! Great job on the savings!!!! I think you need to do a tut on shopping big....but saving bigger!!!

    Can't wait to see your new hair!!