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Sunday, January 18, 2009

ShoppIng SpRee...and GooDies In the MaiL...AnNivErSarY too...

Today is our "other" anniversary..This was the day we had the relatives watching us walk down the isle at church and rub mouth holes...(my girlfriend Jill uses that term)..sounds yuky doesn't day was a saturday...and it was just immediate family...and then we went to a buffet was so-so..but then we took off on our honeymoon that monday and drove to idaho and then to washington and california and nevada and home..we had so much was a full 5 days of exploring and it was an adventure for me as I had never left the state of Utah but once so it was nice to see the sites..course you always have them pictured in your mind and they never look like that..(like wyoming was supposed to look like the wild west)...boy was I mistaken to see they had cars and paved roads...I was 20 and still wet behind the ears apparently...and hawaii was all huts and palms...I can say I have gotten around more in the last 23 years..and know the difference need to find our photos and post them so you can see then and now...its scary..:)
I ordered this trim after christmas and finally got it yesterday..I plan on using it on my sweatshirts that I machine embroider goes around the sleeves and around the eding of the jacket...I love this binding and they have so many colors to choose from and they had an awesome deal..because of their tardiness they are giving one of my items for free (its on backorder) right $17.95 back in my pocket..but I did let them know I wasn't too happy with how long it was taking to get my items and not a word from them..but will probably order from them again as they are making good on their can use these on quilts etc..just make sure you get the right size as it comes in crib, full/queen and king I believe..
yesterday after my hair appt..yes I went and got it all cut off so much for growing it out..but the perm really wrecked havoc on my starting at ground zero again..I like the cut..but I wanted the bangs alot longer and when you have had them long for so long they become a security blanket of I feel like everyone will be staring at my forhead...and the color completely faded after only 2 weeks..due to the lesson more perms for me...anyway I had to go and do some running around yesterday and return some stuff and went to the eddie bauer outlet store for some returns yet again and I got the DH a down vest for only $25 bucks..they were on sale and a slipover soft shirt..that matches..and I got us both a pair of moccasins for only $4.99 each..and they have the rubber souls on them..they are slippers and hubby had been wanting great deal on those as they were regularly $40 dollars..
I also went to Michaels yesterday as I had a coupon for 20% off my total and some joanns coupons etc..missed one of the coupons..(that chaps my hyde..) got some paint brushes as mine are wearing out...and some shopping lists that have magnets so I can put them on the fridge..some items for a valentine swap I am photos as she reads my blog...:)Then I moved onto target and needed to get some sweatshirts as I am making my mom and mother-in-law one and they had their hanes shirts on I went the mens were cheaper..they were a $1.62 and the womens were $3.52.go figure ours is always more expensive..but good quality shirts and I got 10 of them..and I got some much needed dishrags..mine were looking like a huge hole hung on my threads...and I got a baby gate too for $10.99 to keep Tucker from coming upstairs... We took him out for his first walk yesterday and he did pretty good..he likes to be under foot and that makes it hard sometimes..but he did really well..then we took him to meet the neighbors and they fell in love..he slept the whole time...and he got to play with our next door neighbors lab..huge size difference but they had so much fun together...he is liking the truck better..but still has his moments and he has gained a whole pound this week..he is an eating I can tell he is going through a growth spurt...he thinks hes people..but we don't give him people food except for cheese when he is in training mode..he is going to training at the end of february..and we want him top in his class...:) oh and he gets the foam from his daddys lattes..loves hubby is spoiling that dog and you can tell he is in love and enjoys being with him...but we still need him to know there are boundarys and he can't cross them...I need to be stricter with my hubs then the dog...and he is playing with the kittys it is a day by day thing...

Here he is in the cat bed/scratching thing with Gracie in the tube and Millie in full view and him at the bottom eating one of his rawhides...We had an absolutely gorgeous sunny day yesterday and I gotta say it made my heart felt so good as we haven't seen the sun now for a better part of a month..that wears on you after a while..and today is just as gorgeouse..I need to go for a walk and take the hubs and the puppy...I hope your day is just as gorgeous...gotta get ready for church now.we are on the 1-4 time now..( no ones favorite) although I don't mind it as I can have a leisurely morning and go for a walk...Take care...")


  1. Happy Anniversary - yup that does sound yuky!! LOL

  2. Hi Gina,
    Happy other Anniversary!! Looks like you got some goodies.
    Tucker gets cuter every day!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Happy anniversary to you both...Your pup is so cute, is he a blue murl? I have 2 border collies and I can remember when they were pups, worst than babies. I never went anywhere for the first few weeks and when I did nip out I looked a mess...hehe...Good luck with the lead Gina, collies don't usually like them, I know my darling boys don't. Give him a snuggly hug from me, don't you just love that puppy smell...Love the kitty banner...Hugs Chrissy x

  4. Happy Anniversary and blessings for many more! Fun goodies! Thanks for the coupon sites, I'm gonna start it up again, appreacite the help!

  5. You have an award waiting for you at my blog!! Brenda

  6. HAPPY Ann! Sounds like it was a fun trip I am sure your mouth holes were raw--- okay I had to make it one step grosser! Honestly that has to be the dirtiest saying ever.

    I want to see a picture of your hair! I am a fanatic!


  7. Hey, happy anniversary! The pup is too cute. He's too silly sitting in the kittie kondo! How cute! I know you love my big boy, but I love your sweeties more! And I want that dog!!! (after housebroken and trained, of course!) LOL. I could just see my Big Boy sitting on him -- flattened out for sure! LOL.

  8. Shoot, I'm a day late but... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!
    Look at what a cutie pie he is??!! Sounds like he has daddy wrapped around his lil' paw. :> )

  9. Happy Anniversary! What great deals you found too! Lucky you!

  10. Happy Anniversary Gina! What great deals on the!

    I just love Tucker...can I dogsit?


  11. Ya hit the jack pot this week girl!
    I have 3 boxes and counting...
    for ya anyway.
    Okay off to work for a bit. been here long enough. email me when you have a chance.