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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ReArrAnGinG, TidYinG, ThRiFt StoRe, FaBriC SaLe..

Yesterday was the day for rearranging my craft needed to be done and I needed to get rid of stuff that I have been hanging onto...If I haven't used it in 2 years, chances are I am never going I have a huge bag going to the thrift store..I was going to rearrange but these bins as you see here are just too big..but I did bring out my fabric bin and put the junk one (it has all sorts of gadgets in it) went in the craft closet, along with some fabrics that I don't generally use often.. But this is the BEFORE photos..This is my fabric bin. I got both of these at Joanns when I worked there..Man are they handy to have..they have wheels too..and you can stack them skyhigh...
here is the really BEFORE photo I pulled out all the bins in my craft closet and gave it a good vacuuming too...I have my fleece on the chair and stuff in the plastic bins..

here is the front view of my fabric stash..I organize by color and holiday...this is before mind you..

here is the back side..fabric I don't use often and bulkier types here. chenille, warm and natural, quilts, fake fur etc.

here is the after photo and Millie sitting pretty for it..when it was in the closet she would climb to the top (2 more bins stacked on this) and sleep there all day snug as a bug in a rug...

here is the craft closet now. AFTER. Gadgets and fabric galore..but now I can find stuff easily...I have all sorts of things..funnels, old graters, muffin tins, glass candle sticks and wooden ones too. old bobbins, fabric, felt, spanish moss and regular too..the plastic bin holds stained tags, hankies, candles, wooden toy blocks, junk, odds and ends etc.

here is my fleece in another bin that I have had for years all together now and all my pattern jackets and below is an old trunk with levis (to make purses) blankets, rugs etc, and on top is more muslin and other fabric..the kittys love to sleep here too..

here is the main wall in my craft room (to the left is my sewing machine and 2 windows..I organized that white shelf rid of some stuff and now I can find what I the left is more bins filled with odds and ends, cardstock, little candle jars, old cards I keep, yarn, tulle, and power tools...above in the bins are embellishments for my dolls and other creations, christmas, rusty stuff, paper mache, styrafoam, stamps, books, bulbs, lavendar, flax, rice (for sachets, pillows), longaber baskets, you name it, its could easily shop in my room and find what you

here is my sewing table now, this is the one I do my machine embroidery on mostly..I do sew with it..but I have my pfaff on my craft table (not shown...I have my computer here and brushes, buttons scissors odds and ends)..the bin next to the sewing table holds trims and sheeps wool for dollies hair and needle felting..It feels so good to have it done..and more organized...I feel like I can breathe again..I am anal and cannot work in a cluttered drives me nuts..I will stop and tidy up if anyone else out there like that?

Okay on with the sale..I have a boat load of fabric shown here. (the plastic bin in the upper left corner with fabric is NOT for sale. everything below is..there is polorfleece, cotton ribbing type fabri with little angels (they are the two in front) I have homespun, and black fake fur, I have plaids, wool types, flannel, cottons etc..The majority is 1 yard or more..some are scraps,(very few). so if anyone out there wants a pile of misc fabric I am selling this for $50.00 +shipping...more photos upclose below..

If you have any questions please let me know... Today I am going to get my 3 sweat jackets started and some kitchen towels for my kitchen..I am machine embroidery all of this with sewing too..I hope you have a great day is really foggy and gloomy out today..yesterday was beautiful with sunshine and so the kids got out to play today..hate taking them out on days like this...the pooch is snoozing right I have time to blog and get some things done...The bin that all of this fabric is sitting on holds spools of ribbon, felting wool, paper mache items, soap fixins, tape and other odds and ends..this was free..(gotta love free)..okay signing of for now..gotta go read what you are all up too...:)


  1. Wow, sista, you've got some fabric! I thought I had alot. My craft room is so bad I could not share a photo right now. I've been busy painting & haven't had time to craft or organize. I'm sure you will sell it. Have a great evening & stay warm.


  2. I think you've just about beaten me with your fabric stash. I've just started selling fabric on Ebay because I love the stuff so much I can't resist buying it. I live right near a mill which has so many lovely fabrics, some as cheap as 50 pence (about 70 cents) for a metre so I decided I'd better start destashing so I can buy more!! Pam x

  3. Okay, ya got me beat, chickee!! I thought I had a lot of stuff. Nuuuuuu, YOU win!! Hah.

  4. OMG, girlfriend I would totally get lost in that room. Do you ever get overwhelmed by it all? heehee

  5. Gina~I love all of the goodies in your craft room! I love to enlarge the photos to snoop a little more closely!
    It must feel so freeing to get things organized!
    When are you coming to my home to help me?

  6. Gina,
    I have a lot of fabric, but I think you might actually have more than me! lol... I love that you have windows behind your sewing machine...what wonderful light coming in to your sewing/crafting room.
    Love the pic of your kitty laying on the fabric! Too Cute!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Holy crap! I'd be thrilled to have my work room look like your BEFORE pics!! :> )

  8. Okay your room and My room will make a great store. LOL But then we would have none.. LOL
    Oh you have everything just like me.
    gloomy doesn't even cover the day I had. Stay warm I am going to go snuggle with hubbers and go to bed early to talk to docs tomorrow. Oh boy.
    Have a good one! TTYS

  9. Boy oh boy, you have alot of fabric Gina! I have way too much as well...I always have the best of intentions.

    I did get rid of some after the new year...and sold some.

    I cleaned my supply area (back porch) but now it is a bit of a mess again...never ends.

    Have FUN creating.

  10. It looks like cat heaven at your house!! Lots of potential soft resting spots...
    I just reorganized my studio as well...always helps you get refocused.
    Many purrs,
    Carrie the SnipPet Girl

  11. Now that you have finished, you can head over here to do mine!!! That is on my agenda for the weekend.....clear out and reorganize all the "stuff"....It is just easier to do it now than in the middle of the Fall/Christmas crafting frenzy..LOL

  12. Wow, girlfriend, I am SOOO impressed! What a job! Looks so neat, I'm jealous. Bet the kitties are happy, too!

  13. Fancy a holiday in Cornwall Gina so you can come and organize me & my your craft room. Most of my stuff is either in boxes or up in the attic until the builders finish!!!!!Mind you, like your kittys' mine love my 'clutter' to sleep on....Hugs Chrissy x