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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WhaTcha WorKin on WedNesDay...and BaBy fuNNieS

I am selling this brand new DVD as we don't have a High Definition DVD little sister got it for us for christmas..I put it in the player and it wouldn't play if anyone is interested in this brand new DVD let me know...cause I can't use it...DH thought we had a high def player..but we do there you have it...this is a 4 disc set. and it includes: FROM POLE TO POLE, MOUNTAINS, FRESH WATER, CAVES, DESERTS, ICE WORLDS,GREAT PLAINS, JUNGLES, SHALLOW SEAS, SEASONAL FORESTS, AND OCEAN DEEP.
Here is what I purchased on Monday when I had a reprieve from the Tucker...Mike took him to work with him and I took advantage of going shopping with "my Kimmy"...that is what I call my best friend...I hadn't seen her in over a month...and I needed my Kimmy fix..we met at Joanns..again are you surprised? we always meet bought yes can you believe it? more fabric...but who can resist and it was on sale..I see a purse for the blue kittys and latte and the polkadots..I love it!..I think the other fabric is going to be a casserole carrier for my dear friend Peggy..her birthday is coming up and I just know she will love this...I also bought some more yarn that I will use for felting...don't know what I will make..I also bought some embroidery thread to do some stitcherys with..I bought alot of patterns from Kellie at Chestnut Junction...I am itching to do some of these...I am asking permission as we speak if I can paint them as well...I bought my embroidery hoop too.. in pink..and I bought some valentine plates and napkins for my party this friday...I am having my SCENTSY candle party...if anyone wants to place an order it will get shipped directly to you...and it helps my party out..I had the link in one of my other just go to scentsy
and go to my events then click on my party for the 30th of january and place your order...These candle warmers are just wonderful and I just love mine and I tell you the scent lasts forever...and no FIRE...that is such a huge plus!..heck its the only plus...I don't burn my place down..

Heres our little high energy Tucker/aka Tuckerman/Tucky finally settling down on the couch...he is growing by leaps and bounds in the last 2 weeks..but still goes berserk when Mike leaves the room..Just this morning as I was trying to get back to sleep once I got the DH up for work..he had to take his shower and Tuck lit up and started his piercing bark/howl/crying...I could hear the DH telling him NO and Tuck not listening...till he got out of the shower...he has never done some days we get progress while others..well...I just hope he grows out of it soon...cause my nerves are getting shot...I will tell you all honestly...will never do a puppy will be an older dog that has been potty trained etc..too old to go through this..he is still after 3 weeks...not fully potty trained and they tell us it will be 6 months to a I am not a happy camper if this is the case...our last dog trained in 3 days...yes he was a I expect him to do it as well...but I know that I can' this Gwasshoppa needs to learn some patience..:)

he is a cutie patootie though..

Here is our Podylicious sitting next to me getting a love..she is not a lap child, never has been..but she does love to be loved and baby talked too..she is sitting here just purring...she makes my heart sing...(yes, I am a cat person through and through)...

Here is Tucker and our Oldest Otto Bisquit enjoying a nice warm fire...and Tucker is not trying to jump him...Otto stands his ground..but Tuc needs to learn to not jump on the that is one we are constantly working on too..

Here is our Stanley Manley as we call him..he is our biggest Kitteh..he has the biggest roundest head and he has the sweetest girly meows ever...but don't let that sweet face fool you..he is a dirty fighter...hate to see him fighting he can be such a love bug and he loves to snuggle under your clothing...the girls all swoon when they see this hunka hunka burning love comin....:)

here is Otto Bisquit and Tucker sitting on my is the best lap in town..just ask everyone that lives here..nice jammies bestest friend made them for me for christmas...they are so comfy...and warm...they are flannel....we both picked out the fabric together at Joanns...where else...and she made em...gotta love her..I was sitting there all happy and quietly knitting when these 2 decided it was "lap time"..

I bought these antlers at Petsmart at 75% off for Tucker next christmas...but I had to try them out now!.so Millie got to wear them..she was so pleased as punch too..she just froze and wouldn't move till we took them off of her...but isn't she sweet..

next is Sunny E Bunny she didn't like them either....but she looks so cute in them...

next up is Gracie Macie...she did not like them as you can I had to hurry and snap his photo...we couldn't get Pody in them...and do you think we could get Tuc to sit still long enough with them on...oh he just thought they were too much fun on his little head and tossed em hopefully next christmas he will be much mellower and will let us put them on him..I even got him his christmas toy for next christmas...hey you gotta get it while its 75% I tell you...okay so we are bad parents...but it sure was funny...

Here is Sunny E Bunny enjoying a nice toasty robe...(there is a heating pad) underneath all the cats get a is supposed to be for Otto and to keep him warm since he has a new hairdo and all..but as you can see they all enjoy it...did you know that I (heart) my sunny bunny...:)she is sitting right next to me on the table as I type this...she is my blogging buddy... Okay gotta get the garbage to the curb as the hubby forgot and get my day going..I am hoping that Tuc will cooperate and let me craft is a beautiful day so I am going to have to let the chillians out to play in it..they love their outtings...I hope your Hump day is a good one too...Take care for now...:)


  1. Hi Gina,
    Tucker is soooo.. cute!! And I can see that he is getting bigger. I felt like you do when Chloe was little...didn't think I would make it through the training stage. Even said the same thing, that I was getting too old for it all, but it did get better. I now can't picture my life without her in it. Got to love those furry pets...can drive us crazy, but steal our hearts!!
    hugs, Cindy

  2. Just how many critters do you have? I love the woodstove, wish we had one! Stay warm!

  3. Gina,
    More fabric?? LOL, you are like me, can't resist a sale. Your kitties are all so darling. Have a wonderful evening.


  4. All your fur babies are so cute!! I can tell they are well loved.

  5. Cute kitties and I like your pj
    pants !

  6. Gina~
    I love your little babies...Cats are so snuggly and soft!
    I wonder why that DVD wont't play on your dvd player?!
    We have an upconvert and a blue ray...I will have to do some research, but that would be something that I would be interested in...How much ya talking honey?
    Get back with me, and I should have an answer for you by tomorrow!
    Have a warm night!

  7. Gina,

    It's obvious that you love your furry family members! They're lucky to have you!

    Glad you decided to play along with the letter game. How about the letter "L"? Everyone has it challenges, but hopefully this won't be too hard! Can't wait to see what you come up with...I'm sure you can fit something about your animals (oops I mean furry family members) in there somewhere! :)


  8. Shane got those movies for Christmas and I think he forgot about them! I know he'll love them when he watches them :) Jeremy is now on me about getting an "Upconverter" that takes regular DVD's and makes them appear HD. The new TV means a lot of extra little expenses! LOL

    I see you got some fun stuff to work with. I like the brown fabric with the blue and pinks on it. Very cool.

    Have a great day:)


  9. LOL.......I see your jammies, chickee!! LOL

  10. That pup and kitties are so durn cute. Oh I miss a puppy but love not having one. I said no more pups with pilgrim but will probably do one more. Don't know maybe try a older dog.? Not till one of these monsters are gone anyway and I hope that is no time soon.
    Nice batch of goodies too. So the money you save at the grocery store you spend on crafty supplies? Now that works for me. LOL
    Have a good one. Good luck with the party.

  11. Hey hon. DO you still got the video set. I will buy it. I have a theatre that has High Definition. OR at least I have a high def box. I am sure it would work on my 110 inch projector. That would be really cool!

  12. Love all those kitty babies! Our big girl, Twigs, has taken to sleeping with the Chiauhua every night in a tiny little kennel. What a couple they make! LOL