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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'Ve GoT MaiL..And OTher DiDDys...

Yesterday the UPS gal brought me a package and what to my wondering was my swap package from Michele!:) she totally spoiled me..this was my package before I actually got to the good stuff and when I peeled away the bubble wrap this is what I got!
nicely wrapped in tissue and little red was like Christmas all over again..I just love my gifts that she made me...

here it is all unwrapped and ready to enjoy! I got chocolate and candy word hearts and cupcake cups and little vintage like tags to put on my cupcakes..they are too cute..will probably use them in my doll making in some way.I got 3 large handmade hearts that I just love! I got sprinkles to put on my cupcakes and I got a valentine tag that she made and 4 little hearts 2 of which are felt and they are sweet! I also got a valentine rubon and a little candle holder with hearts around it and 2 candles to burn..and I got the sweetest little hankie..This was so much fun..Michele is hopefully getting hers next I have to kick it in high gear and get going on the last few projects..

here is all of my items on my valentine tree that Renee gave me at christmas time..I wrapped the hankie around the base and put all of the hearts on the tree..doesn't this look fabulous! will look so cute for my Scentsy party tomorrow night..I want to put twinkle lights on my tree for even more bling..will have to search...

Here is what I made for Dinner last is called Hillbilly Spaghetti pie! I got this recipe on Ruthann's blog. and decided to give it a shot...I even went out and got me a new cast iron skillet is a Paula Dean one. This recipe is super easy and doesn't it look so tasty!...well yes it was.. definitely a keeper in our go and give it a shot...I would suggest a larger skillet then the one I have..mine is a 10 inch a 12 is better..
well I am going to try and get some stuff done today..tomorrow I clean house all day and bake and get ready for my I get to make phone calls and see how many are actually coming...I invited 45 far only a few less then 5 are coming....what is it about RSVPing any more..are folks waiting for something better to come along or do they just simply forget? any case it is frustrasting to say the least...and I am no angel either... but its like pulling teeth to get ladies to RSVP to wish me luck for a great turn out..
I hope your thursday is a delightful one...:)


  1. Wow, what goodies you got from your swap partner and it all looks so pretty. I saved that recipe for the Hillbilly spag. pie so now I'll have to try it since you made it. It looks delish. Have fun at your party ~ that alot of people. I'm sure all the food you fix will be yummy. Have a great Thursday, sista.


  2. I'm so glad you liked everything I picked and made for you! This was such a fun swap and I love it that I made a new friend!


  3. OMG, Im coming to your house for dinner! That looks SO good!

    UGH, potty training! Smaller dogs are always harder to train, IMO anyhow! Hes not fully housebroken yet. I usually just open the door and out he goes, like a million times a day and will occasionally make a mistake! Tucker is a med size dog right? I once had a Shih-Poo who took a yr to fully housebreak!

  4. How pretty everything is such a nice, SWEET swap;)

    The recipe looks so good, have a great time at your party:)

  5. Wow!! Look at all the stuff you got!!
    Oooh and I love that Valentine tree too!!!
    I just have one question... Why wasn't I invited fer some of that thar Hillbilly Spaghetti Pie??!!! :> )
    It looks delicious!
    P.S. Have fun at your shindig!

  6. What a nice treat! You probably felt like a little girl all over again getting those nice valentine treats. How fun!