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Sunday, January 25, 2009

How I SpeNt mY SaTurDay...

We spent yesterday taking out our hedges and we still are not finished...but we put a good dent in are the before photos..we lost some when we had the big snow this last december and quite frankly..I am tired of the mess of the falling leaves...and they grow so flipping fast that we never shaped ripping them out and putting in another garden bed..we love gardening (veggies) so this is what we are doing..and we may plant bamboo in pots instead...they will be much easier to handle..will see..
here is part of the aftermath..had to relocate it till we can cut it into smaller more managable pieces to put in the yet another project...

here is the after...sorry it was getting dark out..still have those few to take out..

here is the relocated pile...wish I could just burn much easier..:)

another view..this will be another tiered brick garden bed..can't i can grow my pumpkins and zuchinis again...or at least attempt too.. Tucker played in the dirt most of the day..ate a couple of dirt sandwiches..loved em..should have taken a picture...he was dirty..I mowed the lawn yesterday to mulch the leaves that were on the grass..(also helps me to find little doggy do-do' don't want to step in snowed last night..we got a heavy frost(ing) this morning..supposed to snow again this week..but I don't think we will have the bomb we got in december...have a wonderful sunday...
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  1. You sound as if you've been busy. What a big garden you have. Over here in the UK our gardens are usually a lot smaller than yours. Pam x

  2. ALL THE SNOW IS GONE!!! and your lawn is still green?

    Thanks for the compliments on my new dolly!

  3. You have been busy for sure! Well, at least now you will have less to prune. We had barberry bushes planted next to our driveway and sidewalk and they were dwarfs, but kept growing and we roped them to the truck and pulled them out. *shew* less work now and no briars to stick me :)

  4. Lookin good! I wish it was warm enough here to get out and do some yard work!

  5. That looks like alot of work, but it will look great!

    Have a great week!

  6. What a big job. We have done that before and it isn't easy!!

  7. cats, cats, cats,, i love them but cant have them, i'm so envious of you,, looks like you've been very busy as of late,, love the site, looks real good, thanks for stopping by my place and posting a comment!

  8. What a wonderful blog you have and I LOVE the cats!!! Enjoyed my visit!


  9. Hey Gina Bean---I am so glad to see that someone is able to do some landscaping during this brutal time of the year----what the heck happened to all your snow? Holy COW--looks like a BIG job----I might have to come out there---ONLY if I can drive the bobcat or operated a chainsaw---neither of which I have any knowledge of, but would like to give it a whirl!

  10. Wow girl! You were busy! I almost started working out in my yard last weekend too. I did a little but nothing like you got into! We removed the bushes from the front of our house to replant new ones a few months ago - and it was a chore! I don't think my back has recovered to this day!