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Sunday, December 7, 2008

WsoAPP ShoPPe UpdateD DeC 7th

I've updated my shoppe
the 1st one is a biker santa with a real leather cuff from a pair of chaps...and leather hanger...I love this one..great for that "biker" in your life..will take orders on these to do a custom paint job to match your loved ones..Very unique indeed..

They measure 18-1/2 inches tall and are all machine embroidered on wool felt with a blanket stitch all the way on photos to going to try and get my 2 dollies done today after church...We are getting rain today..December has started off so well..really pretty and sunny at times..
Remember when you go into my shop to sign up for my giveaway as well..the drawing will be on December 10th and my blog giveaway (over 200th post) will be on December 11th... Good luck..have a wonderful sunday...making a big pork roast tonight with brussels and onions duh! we love them..and garlic parmesaen smashed taters...does that scream comfort food or what...:)


  1. Love the stockings especially the Christmas spirit one, my neighbors would love the biker one:)

  2. Very cute stockings. Oh yum - pork roast - love it!!

  3. Oh Shoot! I am too late for dinner!
    That sounds like yummy comfort food to me!!
    I like your stocking...You made those? How wonderfully talented you are!

  4. I love those stockings. So cute. How cool to embroider by machine.