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Monday, December 8, 2008

MoNday FuNNies...and SoMe HoliDay TweAkiNg...

I added lights to the little tree..
now I keep tripping the breaker, not sure if its overloaded like in christmas story or just getting wet..started yesterday when it have the hubs fix it..

added lights to the kitchen this little house at the fair and had to put it up..
I love this little scene...hate closing the curtains...

added lights and a chenille chain garland to the entertainment center...looks real festive at night..

added lights to the baking station with all the jars and there is a little snowman next to a snowman plate..I also added another snowman to the mix he was in with my santas..gotta keep em together I suppose..he didn't make the photo shoot...hew was an after thought...

I got this big can of popcorn with our favorite movie on it...and what better to top it off with my lamp...Love it!!!

I like this one..

funny story...out of the mouths of friend Melissa told me this one..true story..she works at an elementary school and was working in the lunch room at the time of this story...there were a group of little kindegarteners eating lunch very quietly..(boys to be exact) and she saw them put there hands up to theri forheads (there thumb touching their forheads) with the hand up waving in the air..she asked what it meant and the little boy told her they do it when someone means they are covered...covered from what..not me and my husband do it all the enough of that..still trying to get those dolls done..almost finished with one of them..will post it later...have a wonderful week...")


  1. I love the funny comments! And I couldn't help but get tickled thinking of you and your husband with your thumbs to your foreheads! Came across your blog and LOVE IT! I am adding you to my faves!

  2. I am so glad you post on a daily basis! I always have to get my fill of laughter from your posts!!
    Joe scuba dives for the fire dept. and he will love the last picture of the fart in a wet suit~Looove It!!
    Your Christmas decor is so nice. I love the way white lights look at festive!

  3. Ooooh, I love that lil' scene too!! (Don't close the curtains unless ya have to!)
    Yep, I laughed out loud at the Slinky one!
    I'll have to teach my hubs that hand gesture to warn me of his occasional "one cheek sneak." :> )
    Hey, I don't have your email address, do you have mine?

  4. I love the tweaking that you did. Everything looks so festive & Christmasy. I'm so jealous of your baking station, how cool is that? Love your leg lamp, too. My sister has one & they put it in their bay window every year. Gotta love "The Christmas Story"
    Take care, sista of mine.


  5. Hi Gina,
    Love the tweaking you did! I love the scene in your window and can see why you don't want to close the curtains.
    I'm not sure why my pictures on my blog can't be enlarged. They could up until a few days ago when wordpress undated with a new dashboard. Maybe there is a new setting...I'll try to check on it.
    Will be posting some new decorating pictures soon.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. LOL ~ I needed a giggle tonight! Thanks a bunch!


  7. Gina,
    I had to laugh at that lamp. One of our favorite movies. We watch it every year and I gave it to the older kids last year for Christmas.
    I hope my hubby don't see that lamp. He has always wanted that thing.... LOL
    Love your prim goodies. I spy one of my snowmen there. I am honored!