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Saturday, December 6, 2008

CrAfT FaiR HiGhliGhtS anD ShoPPinG, and a BloG aWard

Jenny of Wonders of Whimsy gave me this wonderul award..thank you so much Jenny...
1. Add the logo to your blog.
2. Link to the person from whom you received this award
3. Nominate 7 or more blogs
4. Leave a message on their blog, letting them know they are "One Lovely Blog"!
Gosh I have so many that I love..but will pick my favorites...for right now..
1. Lea of Farmhouse Blessings. She left me the nicest comment on my blog...thank you, Lea!
2. Janene of Primitive Lifestyle. She always makes me laugh..
3. Stephanie of Fantastic figments for such a young gal she is older then her years in her wisdom( more then I had at that age) and I love her style and love her paintings...she makes me smile...
4. Karin of Country folk-keepsakes..she already has this one..but she makes me laugh everytime I visit...
5.Kimberly of Brown bag Studio.This gal makes the cutest things..and makes me laugh as well..Love their movie night with the griswalds..too funy.
okay I am quitting there as I have to get some stuff done for our shoppe update..
here are a few things I picke up at Joanns (the yarn and the fur trim..I want to use that on my stockings that I is so soft)..the Santa, garland and muffin tin came from my favorite haunt the Christmas house. (photos to follow)..the white snowflake velvet trim for my dollies came from Martha had so much fun at the big show, called Christmas in the Country..Kimmy and I did it for 2 years and took this year off...but I want to do it again next year...I love doing the shows...guess I love that kind of bought alot of christmas gifts (can't show those as some of you read my blog) so will post after they get their items..

here is a neat little butter ceramic dish that I bought at the first place we went..they had great prices and we love their pottery..I also at another place picked up some creamed pepper chile honey...oh it has a nice little it...had some on my toast today...

I picked up some cute little books for a $1.50 husband loves the call of the wild... going to see if he wants them..otherwise they are going to my nephew Scottie..

this is taken out of order, but this is the sunset as Kimmy and I were heading home..

here is the Christmas House that Bob and Carolee Pedersen have been running for 30 years.. If you are in The washington area here is their is so much fun..and their house is now 100 years old this year..15060 Washington Ave. NE Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

I may do her summer show on her big front porch...

This is their mantel..they took those glass transformers and stuck lights under them...

click on to see the upclose photo...

my flash wasn't working...worked when we left..but this is just the living room area and her goofy whimsical snowman up had a baby bottle nipple for his hat..too funny..

another dark photo...sorry...

this house had the neatest kitchen she collects chickens..I bought alot of goodies here..can't show you..they are for my two gift exchanges.

This house was really neat too..bought a bunch here too...can't show you...sorry..these were sheet metal pigs on the front lawn...they were so cute..the houseses we visited were huge and beautiful...lots of money...

here is a big chicken with a piggy..

I met this nice lady named Sue Baldwin and she makes the neatest stuff ever..these were ceramic altered art key hangers..I loved these..they have wooden shutters..and she had vases and kimono vases and below these purse is her web address. Nice lady to talk too..loved her stuff..

Another nice gal we met her name is Soks Bukoski, (I bought several of her items)..has been doing this show for 7 is her address.

Well I tweaked the house some more today..after shopping yesterday..had to put it will post those tomorrow or monday..hope you all are having a great weekend...Take care and be sure to sign up for my blog giveaway...


  1. Thank you for the award!
    I am soooo in love with you!LOL LOL
    How could you post about the things that you bought and not share? That is just horrible! LOL
    Please take pictures and post after you give the gifts away!
    I love those homes and that fireplace is to die for!
    Thank you again~!

  2. Hello Gina,
    I was planning on going but just not myself lately. Decided to pass. I may do the show next year too. We shall see how it goes.
    Your home is lovely. Thank you for sharing. Actually makes me want to decorate a bit. maybe tomorrow after church.
    Have a great week.