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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

KiTTy aNtiCs, and ShoPPinG...

Well Christmas is over and the snow is melting..thank goodness...I have never been so excited to see the snow leave and welcome the rain..but after being hold up in it and not being able to go out as I please..well I am glad it is gone..I did love having a white christmas though..We had the neighbors over on Saturday for a yummy chicken dinner and a rousing game of UNO..we love that game..another we love playing is PHASE 10..if you have never played it but love cards... you must get this is a version of rummy..and it is difficult to get to all of the phases as you might be on one and others on a different you are trying to keep track and not lay down the wrong card to help is fun and worth it...Sunday was my first day out by myself driving..I went to church...Monday I got my hair done finally..only 3 weeks over due and it was better then christmas I tell it cut and colored..and I love my hairdresser..she also gave me a great little neck warmer that you heat up in the microwave, it has lavendar and camomille in it..I love it..had it on me all night long last night...Here are some photos of the silly things my kids do..This is Millie in my gift box that my sister sent me..I got that last night..lots of wonderful goodies..Millie just got in the box about 5 minutes I had to take the photo..
here she is again..I came up the other night to take off my makeup and almost turned on the water and found Millie sleeping in the sink..I guess she was hot from the fire downstairs and took a break...she loves to drink from her sink...and speaking of drinking...see below our Pody ann..

she loves to pose for the camera..I just love those big green eyes and her soft whiskers and her long silky fur..I could just curl up in her and take a nap...she is the baby and is spoiled rotten..and she has this funny growl like bark when she is playing..I have never heard anything like it in my whole life and I remember when she first did it..scared me and my DH as we thought she was hurt or something...this is her wonderful little quirk..and our babies have lots of nurses on jammie bottoms..she is 7 years old and still does nurses on her daddys neck...she is 5 and still does girlfriend had a black manx that used to suck/nurse on his own little paw and needle the air with the other...I will never forget that.... he was too cute..

here is Pody, getting a drink from the sink..she doesn't like getting her head wet like Millie does..(she lets it trickle off of her head)..Oh no Pody puts her paw in the water and lets it trickle down her paw and she licks it and her paw....I just noticed this for the first time on Sunday...

she had to keep repostioning herself to get a drink...thats me in my pjs..getting her photo..You must be careful getting photos when there is a mirror involved..I know as I have taken a photos and was nude..( you couldn't see anything)..but I didn't notice it till after and was horrified..I have them deleted now thank

Here is my shopping at Joanns..I only got a couple of after christmas some wrapping paper and some snow batting for my winter scenes (not shown here) and this volcano kit for my nephew for his birthday in little sister says he will love it..I bought some chocolate molds and chocolate and valentine boxes and such for some valentines dolls I am making..I got some tissues too and some embroidery thread...

I also got some dowel cutters..I just hope they work or back they go..

Here is some fabric I got...oh my gosh..I love is a serious disease...I bought a purse pattern that my best friend and i are going to make..and then I plan on making them to sell..they had the best fabric yesterday..and I couldn't hairdresser took her purse (another type) and took it home to her family for the holidays and they loved she is having me make her 2 of them for her mom and her aunt..the cat fabric is for them...and then I will embroider on it and put their names on the inside...

the center fabric is the pink and brown and has bunnys on it...I have some grea doll ideas for this one...and for the carrot on the left..the other is a vintage retro looking valentine one...oh I have ideas for that one too....along with the chocolates etc...
I also bought more insulated lining for my casserole carriers and the wooden dowels for that was my day..forgot to take my returns with may get out on friday and do my returns... Tomorrow is my 23rd wedding anniversary....having the neighbors over for Prime rib, mashed taters and brussels and onions..we love em..not sure about dessert..might have them make something...and play cards and drink sparkling cider...gotta go and get some of off to go and get my day started and get a fire in the is flipping cold...I hope your new years is a bright and shiny one...Take care..what are you new years traditions? would love to hear from you...:)


  1. Love all those goodies! is Pody a maine coon? she favors one my friend has and it "barks" when playing! take care Kim

  2. I love all of your new fabrics. I just love the sales at Joannes, too. Your kitties are so cute, good thing you didn't turn the water on. Have a great evening.


  3. What a busy bee you've been, love your goodies. Would love to see your new haircut..hint hint...Aren't out kitty babes entertaining, my brood of 6 are just the same....Happy anniversary for the 31st (today for you)...I won't forget as it will also become my sons, god willing....Hugs Chrissy x

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    What lovely fabrics you have purchased...I need to hit up JoAnne's and buy some ticking fabric...don't know what I will do with it...I just want it!
    Have a very Happy New Year!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Love all your new fabric. There is just nothing quite like freshing up your fabric stash. Makes me soooo happy! (Smile)

    Your kitties are darling. Wish I had big green eyes too. LOL

    Wishing you a happy, happy new year,

  6. The Colonel does the same thing with his paw. He sneaks beverage out of our cups that way, too. Sneaky, sneaky!

  7. Hi Gina,
    Your kitties are just too cute. Years ago when I had a cat...she would get in the bath tub and want you to turn on the water to a slow drip for her to get a drink.
    I love your fabric stash from JoAnn's!! I'm going there tomorrow...haven't been there for over a month and a girl has to get her fabric fix.
    Happy Anniversary! Wishing you both a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Gina,

    You asked about Colt's nationality...he's Korean too. He came home to us at 5 months. What a blessing he has been to us! How neat that you have nieces and nephews from Korea too!

    Your kitties sound so much like mine in alot of those ways. I thought they did some of the things because their mother died when they were young. Matty "nurses" and kneads only Joy...she became their mother I guess. Bambi chews on her shirt or PJs when she's holding her. Bambi has the same growl when she's playing or gets aggitated (Joy loves to hear it...need I say more?)...and I find them occasionally just lying in the sink like yours! They're so funny!


  9. Your kitty is beautiful! We had a cat that would drink water out of the bathroom sink...she'd crawl up on it and you had to turn the water on for her to drink.

  10. Wow that fabric! And I never get tried of kitty shots!!!
    HNY! Beth

  11. Hi Gina-thanks for visiting! I love all your kitties...we have 3, they were all they are all part of the family!

    Happy Anniversary-Ii wish ya many many more happy years!!
    Happy New Year-Hope it's the best ever!!

    I look forward to visiting in the new year!!


  12. Happy Anniversary!! Man we LOVE to play Uno! Never played the other game but I love rummy too.
    Dang girl, look at all that stuff you bought! I'm hittin' Joannes to find fabric to make new kitchen curtains. YaY!

    Thanks for sharin' the cute pics of your furbabies you nudie picture taker you! :> )

    Wishin' you lots of blessins' and the happiest of New Years!

  13. Everytime I see Pody, I think what a big kitty. Probably all hair I used to wash my long haired cat and she was so tiny without all the fur...funny.

    Love all the new fabric, very cool