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Friday, December 26, 2008

LooK WhAt SaNtA BrOuGhT Us!!!..........

This is how it all starts..nice and quiet, everyone is snoozing, the Dad Man builds a fire, it is lightly snowing outside....A nice setting would you think...Our tradition is to let the kids open their toys from their stockings and get it all on film...some cooperated and others said I will get back to you later...I am snoozing...You will see photos below of the chillians..
Here is what my swap buddy gave me from our WSOAPP group! Renee, I just love this!...she gave me a metal tree with all the ornaments some from Poland that are vintage....why she would give those up is beyond me...But I love it...She also added one of her cute handmade snowman ornaments and 3 count em 3 of her legendary great smelling soaps...She gave me Candy cane which is currently in the shower now and Country Christmas and Spiced Cranberry...They are big heavy soaps and she has the cutest tags on if you are looking for soap for gifts or find her on our WSOAPP Birchberry Farms..I love this tree and couldn't wait to put it together and on the kitchen table...where it will sit until after Valentines day, as all the ornaments are red and pink and ther are heart ornaments as cool is this..put it up at christmas and keep it up till after Valentines..I love double duty...Thank you again so much Renee you made my day!...:)

Here is all the stuff that Cindy from Cynthia Lee Designs gave me...I swear she spoiled me rotten..They all were wrapped and it just never ended!..We met a few months ago, I think she found me as we both love our embroidery machines and we swap designs etc...She asked if we could do a swap and I said: "You Bet"..I love getting goodies from others as well as giving all of these are handmade by her..I wore my cute little stocking pin on my sweater to the neighbors for dinner last night..I can't wait to wear the halloween pin wit the kitty button..(I think that one is my favorite)...I have put everything on my trees and also on my kitchen table to enjoy them...Thank you again Cindy...You have been a most wonderful person to get to know and I hope for many more years to come...I hope you liked yours?

Here is what my best Friend Kimmy gave to me...I swear she out does herself every year!..Honestly..I just love her...She made me pajama bottoms that we both picked out the fabric at has silver in the pjs..I can't wait to wear them..I gotta put the elastic in the waistband...she gave me some funny tissues..with ladys and the big hair through the years..I swear they look like me...I am the queen of big hair..well I made me a summer patriotic purse..she is the queen of purses and we are getting together to make her christmas present and one for me too..and so I can learn her tricks of the trade on how to make purses...she has one for everyday of the she is the expert and she will teach me once and for all how to do a zipper and not be afraid of the zipper...haven't done one since 7th I am due...and last but certainly not least..she made me that cute huge pillow in the center..I just love is a raggedy with a cat all hand embroidered with the cutest buttons and the little saying says: there's no greater gift than the love of a cat!...Do you think she has me pegged!...I just love it and I love the fabric...where did she get it...and it has piping trim on it..and I just love it..oh and she gave me two kitty ornaments one from the gift show we went to and I think she made the other one...all are on or under my tree...Thank you so much Kimmy you always know how to make my day..thanks for being my bestest buddy in crime...I love ya!

Here is what the DH got for christmas... a tune comes to mind by ZZ top...every girls crazy bout a sharp dressed singing it now aren't you...I went to Eddie Bauer and lost my me a few things too..He looks so good in their stuff and it fits like it is supposed to and last's forever..they have great quality stuff..I do have to return a few items for different sizes..but other then that he looks good....

I got a wonderful camera..(I am using it for all the is a kodak easy share other camera's flash is getting to where it doesn't want to flash and it doesn't do up close photos..and I need that in my business to show the detail on my dollies etc...I love how easy this camera is to use..and he got me the uncut version of Dumb and of my favorites..."I like it alot"...ring any watched it makes me laugh everytime I watch it...Jim Carrey is a hoot..I also got some Victoria secret body wash and lotion...I used it as well...I smelled yummy yesterday... and he gave me a stocking..didn't see it..he must have snuck it in when I wasn't had guaradellis(?) mint chocholate in it, the bath stuff and a candy cane with a little note..dinner for two and romp in the hey...he's such a dreamer...but you gotta love him for also went shopping on line at the Avenue and got some fabulous clothes now we both can be seen in "public" and not be thrown out in to go through the closets now...I have already too many I am not wearing...Mike is going through his too..I see a thrift store run...or giving them to folks at church...

This is from Janene a fellow blogger that I have only just met in the past 3 months or so...she was having a give-a-way and I didn't she was nice enough to send me some of these..They are just to cute and I love the homespun colors and I love those candy canes...they are all on my tree looking festive too I might add...Thank you for doing are the best..I love her and we have so much in common too...isn't funny how we gravitate towards that..I have met so many people blogging and they have the very same exact likes and dislikes etc...and you didn't realize it till you got to know them better...:). Thank you so much Janene...:)
Here is Otto prefering the fire to his yellow canary catnip bird...he has been playing with the old ones from last year for the past couple of days..but when you want them to play with them..they look at you like you have lost your mind...

Stanley too..he was too good to play but when he does..I know why I find murdered birds in my yard with no heads..(that I have to bury later on)...he is a mean little fighter...but who can resist that face...

Here is Sunny in Action..hence the blurry photo...They all loved was different then the others..and they all took turns beating the crap out of it...they had a nice christmas I think...

here is Pody in a box..the first of many..I should have just given them paper wadded up and boxes...they seem to enjoy them
Here she is taking the ribbons/bows off of the packages that my DH wrapped..(We got it on film too)..but you don't want to hear me talking in it...:)
I didn't put any on I have become the lazy wrapper...he on the other hand always puts nice bows on...and we always put alittle something on the tag to try and guess the contents...that is one of our traditions that we always do...
Here is Margy Fargy..going to town on a yellow canary bird...

Pody loosing her mind...
her is Nap (pronounced NOP) it is short for that is where we found him)..I had all of them on the couch and he could smell em and starting ripping the paper off of them...mind you he found the bag they were in a week before and kept trying to get in I had to put it up high...he helped open his brothers and sisters it all on film as well...he is our biggest fan of these toys...and he love and licked it till it was wet...

he eventually fell asleep on all of them...
here is Gracie taking her turn in the box...she and pody had a ball...
Well it was a wonderful christmas had by all...It was lightly snowing outside and we got a white christmas after had been at least since 1990 since we had a good snow for christmas...last year it snowed while we were opening up gifts..then stopped when we were it was planned..I think it was magical too...We had a nice breakfast of hot cinnamon rolls from our neighbors up the way...and bisquits with leftover over ham for lunch..then we went directly next door for christmas goose and brussels/onions..our favorite and sweet potatoes in a way I have never tried before..I just couldn't stop eating them..I have never had goose before and it was quite tasty...a cross between a duck and turkery consistancy...then we sat around and watched a horrible non-christmas comedy...wouldn't recommend not mentioning it..Mike had to go to work this we came home and lit a fire for the chillians and put our selves to bed and read for a while...How was your christmas? I can't wait to read all about it...Thanks for stopping by and letting me ramble... Our anniversary is on New Years will be 23 years for us..we are having the neighbors over for Prime rib and taters and brussels..cause we just can't get enough of em...What is everyones plans for the new year?
Have a wonderful weekend..and thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. What great gifts Gina, who's a spoilt girl then!!! Love your puddy cats, how many do you have? One of mine is sat on the computer desk and wants to know why she isn't on my more thing to add to 'My to do' list...Love seeing your snow pics, I want it to snow here but it never does in Cornwall Boo Hoo!. Did you get married New Year's Eve? You said earlier Christmas Eve. I will be thinking of you when my son gets Chrissy x

  2. Everyone made out like bandits!!! Heck, even your furbabies did! Woo-hoo!!
    Merry Day-After Christmas!! :> )

  3. Congrats on your Anniversary in a few days. And I'm glad that you got married on New Year's Eve because that would have been rude to take the spotlight away from me on my 2nd birthday. Ha ha! Just kidding. I would have gladly shared New Year's Day with you.

    I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, and just so you know, I had a Christmas card for you all addressed and everything and I found it on my kitchen counter this morning. Somehow it didn't make it into the mail with the rest. Maybe I'll send it late...

  4. Really like that metal tree, what a great swap buddy. Of course,I love the cat pics and the writing. I am new to blogland, Please visit me,and if you enjoy mine, I would appreciate you adding me to your list of favorites. Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary. I soon will put my cats pics on, dogs are on, no mom does not love them best.Till next time, brook

  5. The chillians are chilling, sweets!! LOL.......adorable kids.....

  6. Wow, Gina, you got fabulous gifts. I love that tree & the colors are perfect for St. Valentine's Day. I love Eddie Bauer, too, good quality stuff. Your chilluns are as cute as always.


  7. Hi Gina,
    I'm so glad that you like all you gifts. I like mine too!! The doggies loved their treats and scarfs. The candy was yummy. My snowman ornies and the reindeer pin are on my Christmas/Snowman trees. Josie saw the jingle-bell bracelet and wore it all day yesterday. My sister is getting married on Sunday and I am going to wear the beaded necklace and earrings... they is so pretty! I'm going to post photos either later today or tomorrow to my blog.
    It has been such a joy getting to know you and I hope that whenever we go out West again that maybe we will get to meet.

  8. I just hopped over to see what to see your goodies! I love the kitties, it looks like they had a ball too!

  9. Wow you and your family got some really cool things! I hope your Christmas went well and I must say you kitties are adorable!

  10. It looks like everyone (kitties included) had a wonderful Christmas at your house!

    I just noticed your occupation on your profile..."Domestic Goddess"! I love it!


  11. awwww looks like a wonderful christmas! Thanks for sharing it and what awesome gifts. And really who doesn't love Dumb and Dumber!


  12. What a wonderful day you all had!! How nice!!

    Your anniversary is on New Years???? How very cool!!! Hope it is just as grand!!


  13. Oh Gina---you are most welcomed---looks like you got all sorts of goodies!---I am so glad you enjoyed the swapper gift----I especially like vintage ornaments---I have an insane collection and have been collecting them and other vintage Christmas items for YEARS now---I sell some of the ones I am no longer interested in from time and again on line---but mostly I hang on to them or give them as gifts to peeps---I am so glad they bring you JOY---Merry Holidays my friend!

  14. Oh you must have been very, very good this year!