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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HaPPY AnNiVerSarY to Me!!!!

Well today is my anniversary at 4pm Utah time..Mike and I met at the gas station where he worked back in 1984...he tuned up my he looked so cute on his motorcyle with his baseball cap turned backwards..I can't resist a man with his ball cap turned around...seriously...:) We went on our first date on October 26th 1984 and we saw Terminator...sat in the very front row...makes it hard to watch the movie..but they were the only seats left...but he did hold my hand through the scary parts..we dated for a year and only didn't see each other for 7 days, because he was in the army at the time...In April of 1985...he asked me to marry him shortly after Easter...and on New years eve we decided to run away and get folks couldn't afford a big wedding as my mom was going on dialysis for kidney failure and I wasn't going to have his folks pay for it..we tried..but just couldn't swing my best Friend Jill and her 2 year old Daugther Brittany and Mikes best friend Daniel went to the court house in Kearns Utah and got married...I was so nervous..I didn't want to kiss in front of anyone..and to this day I still don't like rubbing mouth holes in front of people...a peck is okay..but not the big anyone else like that.. we wouldn't even look at each other..I kept looking around the room and not at him when he was repeating what the judge would say..I was that nervous....came home and spent new years at Jills...we took off to my moms house and got some old wigs she had and this plastic horn that is loud if you got a set of lungs on Jill and I went around the neighborhood yelling happy new year to everyone and blowing my horn..The guys stayed behind and played board games..some honeymoon huh..we didn't care..any way I had to call my mom to let her know I wasn't coming home that night and she thought it was an april fools joke..I said its december 31st...any way we called his mom and she was watching a tv show and was like, whatever...I think she was worried that I would be unhappy with the JP wedding...So on January 18th 1986 we had the church wedding with the immediate family at my church...then we went to dinner and on our honeymoon the next day..drove to washington, california and nevada and back home..we had such a good time for that week...then Mike joined the Navy and in February he left for boot camp...(he had gotten out of the army) and got the gyspy blood to travel so he re-inlisted to the Navy and he couldn't find stable employment to start our family he joined up..So that is how me met..pretty boring huh..Seems like forever too...can't believe it's been 23 years...any way..The neighbors are not coming over as planned tonight as they work and it would be too late to have they are coming over tomorrow for dinner instead..which is just fine by we will stay in and have a nice quiet dinner at home and be with our babys....which is where we like to be anyway....we will watch a movie and bring in the new year...nothing special..We will go out on the 18th for something special..we don't like to travel at night on new years..toooooo many idiots out drinking and driving....
Remember to be responsible tonight...and have a wonderful time with your loved ones...Untill next time...See you all next year!...(I just love saying that) will never get


  1. Happy Anniversary Gina!
    I too like a man with his baseball cap backwards...What is up with that?!
    Enjoy your quiet night at home...See you in 2009!
    So glad we have become friends!

  2. Well Happy, happy anniversary dear!! Have a great day!!

    Catch ya year!! tee hee hee!!


  3. Gina, happy, happy Anniversary. Our one sil wears his caps backwards, too, and he looks so cute. Enjoy your evening at home, that's what we are doing, too. I'm making a couple appetizers, steaks, some spuds and sald, then we'll watch TV. Last year we didn't even make it to midnight. I'm so glad I met you & found my long lost sista! Have a wonderful and happy New Year.


  4. Happy anniversary and a very Happy New Year Gina!
    PS See you next year:)

  5. Happy, happy anniversary!! My Husband and I are staying home tonight with steak and lobster, yummy! My kids are going to a party two doors down, so that is nice that I don't have to worry about them out and about on the roads. They are still too young to drink, but there are so many crazies out tonight! Have a good one!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!!!! Isn't it the crazy things that turn us on, hehe! I love a man with facial hair too, I usually make my hubby grow a gotee...LOVE IT! :) Have a wonderful 'special' day and I hope you have a blessed New Year!


  7. Gina,

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you have many more happy memories together!

    Happy New Year too (we'll be staying home as well...very low key for us "ole fuddy duds"!) But I like it that way! :)


  8. There's just one thing I need to know... did I go wig-wearing and horn-blowing with you and my mom or did I get left behind with the men? Seriously!!! Where was I?? Because when we discussed this at the bar, that question was never answered.

    Happy Anniversary New Year!

  9. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year Gina! So glad I met you thru blogging:)

  10. Hi There~~
    I just found your blog and LOVE your cats!! We had one just like your tabby! We lost her 4 years ago. Thinking about getting another. Would love to swap links with you and keep in touch!!
    Stop on by my front porch and take a peek around!!

    Hope to see you soon......

  11. What a sweet story! Happy Anniversary and Happy New years!

  12. Happy Anniversary Gina.. and hubby !
    Happy New Year too !

    Love the new fabric you bought.. !

    Blessings and Hugs !

  13. Hi Gina, Happy Anniversary!!! We had one on Dec. 14th. I just love reading your blog , you are so full of fun! I love your cats too. I had 6 at one time now I only have 1 left, Missy, and she is 16.
    I'm so glad we met , I can't believe you have your sewing machine next to your computer too! Lea has hers next to each other too!! small world!
    Hugs and Blessings,Brenda

  14. Happy Anniversary!! and Happy New Year!! take care Kim

  15. Happy Anniversary and Happy New year Gina !
    Janae :-)

  16. Happy Anniversary!!
    I hope you had a wonderful one :)
    Happy New Year-I look forward to visitig ya lots more :) May all your hopes & dreams come true in 09!!!


  17. Happy Anniversary aand Happy New year, Gina! I LOVE your kitties -- ain't Maine Coon's the best?? Thanks for welcoming me to blog-land -- you're so right -- I"m addicted already!!

  18. How cute are your kitties!?!? What big boys (or girls??)! I love the pic of the kittie in the sink -- Oz does this in the bathtub -- he loves to drink from the spigot and does that paw-scoop-up routine. How funny!!I love the colors on those big kitties!--TJ

  19. Hey Gina! I love your art name. One of my best friends bought me a sign which says Cat Nap Inn...she always says we have a Cat Inn since we have so many. There are certainly a lot of artists who share a love for cats. Thank you for stopping by my blog and making me feel so welcome!