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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The YarD is Put AwaY for AnoTher YeaR

Thats what I little sister does this every year up at 4:30am and heads out the I am a night owl...
I've been trying to tell my hubby this for a couple of years now..getting to where I barely need to lift my shirt anymore..oh its sad really...they've gone so far one can find em...heheeheheee....

nuff said....:)

fine with me...actually I am a pretty good cook...just ask my thighs....

we call em the sisters...but if I am not careful they get to go where no man has gone...I sound like star trek...

my hubby trys this from time to time..said he would be my living bra...hey if he wants the job...I won't stop him..but his arms will get pretty tired...

Well we have had a busy Otto back to the vets for his blood pressure and more blood drawn..he is 17 they had to check his thyroid and kidneys..his poop and his now he is on a low protein diet and possibly pills..the vet will call and let us know..
We have a gorgeous the chillians got to go outside while we worked at getting the rest of the leaves out of the yard and the plants trimmed the majority of it done..will only take about an hour if that to finish it up..hate doing that kind of yard work..would rather be planting etc...and I love watering...very dad used to do the watering and I am guessing it relaxed him too....
made a big pot of beef stew in the crockpot yesterday...oh my gosh was it the best ever..made so much..its whats for dinner tonight...I added stew meat, carrots, parsnips a whole garlic head cut in half and I huge can of tomato soup, I huge can of diced tomatoes, I large container of beef broth and 2 bullion cubes, and the last 10 minutes I added Orzo pasta..the whole box...I tell you this truly made the those little pastas..Orzo is awesome...but it did soak up all the juice.. so tonight will add another thing of beef broth and some water...yum! you must try was so good...
also got some crafting done yesterday... making 6 pilgrim lady dolls and some turkeys...they are turning out to cute... am hoping to have one done for ebay tomorrow or monday...any way off to the showers to wash off the dirt from the yard...I sweated like a pig out there...but it was nice exercise...have a great rest of the weekend...
Thats all folks......


  1. Those were too funny and sooooo true!! LOL

  2. Yo sister hows it going!

    Hahaha love the little comic. Look like the granny is looking for the right bra too, might make that little old mad there a little happier. Although old people gropping eachother makes me a little sick to my stomach. Sorry it happens.

    Glad you have been productive! Can't wait to see the offerings !



  3. Hey sister,
    Just dropping a line to let you kow that there is a little award for you on my blog. Stop on over and claim your honor!