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Thursday, November 13, 2008

SharRin soMe PhotOs of ChriStmAs Past...

Here is our home at christmas last year! there is no rhyme or reason to these photos...Just like me...:)

this is an old door I painted the chaulkboard paint I can easily change it out with the seasons...and Please remember our troops now and always...
here is a view of our christmas trees (3) that sit on our vanity as you enter our front door...this is whats underneath...looks like a little white winter wonderland of holiday cheer going on..I love the way this turned out and will probably do it again with all my decor..some things may change..but gotta be creative with the space in our cottage..its only 1400 sq feet of space..but it looks so cozy and inviting ....I think I have more christmas decorations looking at the photos and think I love christmas decorating the best...but Halloween is my 2nd!!! :>)

here is part of whats on the front porch...this is by the old weathered sled and iceskates hanging from it and one above that I made from a childs skate..I have a bunch of these for sale in my WSOAPP site..

Here is our hutch in the dining room with all of my santas and an old Pixie manger scene from Home Interiors and some trees that I made out of yarn....

Here is the kitchen window..

Here is my kitchen counter..I loved the way this turned out too..I put white lights strewn through my baking spices up on the shelf..really made it look festive..will repeat this one again...Made it looks so festive and christmasy while I did my holiday baking...

an old vintage santa that I got at one of my favorite haunts last year...he makes me smile and brings on a real nostalgia look to the porch with this little christmas tree.that is the cats bed with an old crazy quilt that I no longer use..they love to snuggle in is now on the woodbox on the other side of the porch...

another view of the kitchen baking center...Everything is right at my fingertips...flour, sugar, coffee (for DH) chocolate chips of every kind...pecans, almonds, cooking oats and baking bowls..

this is in our dining room..the cutest little white vintage tea cart that has electricity built into it and it works...I got this last year and love it..I have so much space and use out of this..

another view of the christmas trees...its a winter wonderland...we haven't put up a real tree in 2 years now..(I can't believe I would ever stop getting one)..but we just don't have the room for it and the kittys have left these watering the presents go in front of the entertainment center...
Hope you all enjoyed my tour of christmas Past...have a wonderful thursday...we have a nice beautiful sunny day and it is supposed to stay this way for a while here and there..gotta love it...:>)


  1. I loved browsing your photos of Christmas past! Your home looks so snug and cozy! I remember my mother having a santa like is on your front porch when we were little. I wonder what happened to him...hmm..I'll have to ask!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for a visit! I appreciate your sweet comments!

    Have a great day!

  2. Gina,

    Love the Christmas photos !
    especially your grouping of trees ! beautiful !
    it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... every blog you go to !

  3. Love all the pictures Gina! I just love seeing everyone's Christmas decorations! I'll post mine soon also. I have some things left to finish up before I take my pictures.I love your front porch area !

  4. LOVE this.. I love the christmas tree. Gets me in the spirit. I have a confession I have my tree up. I might be moving so I want to see what my tree would have looked like in my first apartment.!

    I will talk later


  5. I love the old sled by the door and the scene just inside the door too... so inviting!

  6. I saw your house this Halloween in person and I can only imagine it around Christmas. It must take you FOREVER to put up and take down, but it looks amazing. I love the way you decorate!!

  7. OKay I had to come back again for another looksie. I love it. I feel like I am walking into a country store display. PERFECT! You just got me excited!

  8. thank you ladies for all the nice complements on my decor..I must say I thought it looked nice will probably refer to these and do it again...unless I get new stuff that I just have to incorporate...Heather you are welcome anytime to see my home..I should have had you inside to see the rest of it...

  9. Gina, I loved looking at your Christmas Past pics. You are a talented decorator for sure. Your home looks so loved and cozy. Now it's time to get it all setup again this year! :-) I love to decorate for the holidays, too. Christmas is definitely my favorite. Thank you again...Susan

  10. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. Looks so inviting.


  11. Beautiful home all lit up just looks so pretty, love the door with the chalkboard what a great idea! The ice skates are darling:)
    Thanks for stopping by I always enjoy it.

  12. It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!
    I wanted to thank you for all of the sweet comments that you have left me.
    I re-read the ending of Thursdays post, and you were right! Opps! My bad!!
    Love your Christmas decor. I'm ready to start putting up mine. But alas, I must hold off until after Thanksgiving! Something about tradition!!


  13. Hu Gina,
    Love your pictures of Christmas past. I really love the 3 trees!! And of course, I have porch envy as I wish I had a great porch that I could decorate for Christmas. We have no cover over our porch and I'm so afraid that things will blow away or not weather well if they get rained or snowed on.

    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. Gina,
    You ask "When is my next show?" It is Thanksgiving Weekend on Fri., Sat., and Sun. There is about 20,000 people that come through over the 3 days. There are about 400 booths. It has been a really good show for me in the past. I did not do it the last two years and am looking forward to going back...and I hope that I do well there.

  15. I really enjoyed looking at your have a great home!

  16. Oh man, these are great pics!!! Its so homey and festive, I love it!!

    Shhh... Don't tell anyone but I've started to decorate already for Christmas! :> )