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Saturday, November 8, 2008

My liTTle HeLper and My WSOAPP upDAte...

Here is Silly Millie...she has been in my craftroom since I started crafting this morning..all snuggled up on a fleece blankie on my table while I was sewing today..I was looking for something and came across this I put it on her...thinking she would shake it off and she sat her for 2 photos...she looks thrilled doesn't
she is such a pretty girl...:)

here are my stockings that I have been making on my embroidery machine..I am having too much fun making these..these are my favorites..I love the homespun colors...

here are some more....

and another set..each is a bit different..trying to capture everyone out there...

here is my door prize I am having on our selling blog with a bunch of wonderful artists...just go to our blog and sign up for the newsletter and on December 10th, I will be drawing a name for this winner..We are also giving away a $50.00 gift certificate that a lucky winner will be able to use at any one of our shoppes...pretty neat huh..there is some wonderful artists here so sit down and take in all the eye candy and have a cup of hot chocolate while you get your christmas shopping done...I have so many ideas going through my head right now...just wish I had that "easy" I could get them all be posting more goodies as I get them done...hope you all have a fantastic weekend...


  1. have really got the stockings.....they are great! Beth

  2. Wow, how neat they all are!!! Just beautiful work, also love the Christmas kitty:)

  3. OMgoodness - your little helper is the perfect model!! LOL And your stockings are great!!

  4. Love the expression on kitty's face. Its like shes thinking "Are you serious?" LOL

    Love the stockings.


  5. Hi Gina,
    I have just got caught up reading your blog. I missed some posts as I was busy getting ready for my craft show. Love, love, love the kitty picture...You could turn that into a Christmas card.
    Your stockings are awesome!! You have been a busy bee!!
    I'm going to post some pics from the show and of some goodies I made tomorrow..cause I'm just too tired tonight.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Hey Cat Woman, did you use a pattern for you stockings? I think I could come up with one....I thought I had a halloween stocking pattern from TRP but I can't find it! Beth

  7. I SOOO LOVE that last snow man stocking! SOOO CUTE.. I have to get my fabric so I can start making my ... TIMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEE


  8. love these stockings so much - especially the crows! (or are they blackbirds?)

  9. thank you ladys for the complements on the stockings..they are my own design and sort of came to me as I was doing them and from one of the designs I was it when it just sort of happens...I am going with crows Jen...but they look the same to me...but what do I