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Friday, November 28, 2008

BlaCk FriDay and DoctorS...

Well Thanksgiving was a total success at the Cooper home..I did all the baking, cooking etc..and it was kind of relaxing...The turkey was brined and delicious..I used Alton Browns recipe..and it was tasty..made the stuffing..that is a favorite that I have made for 3 years now...made mashed taters from Ina Garton...and I made turkey gravy for the first time with the drippings..OMG! that was probably the best thing ever...oh it was so good...and I made brussels with onions...This is the aftermath of dinner...

we had our good friend Betty Fagan over for supper and she is a hoot..she is from jolly old england and told us storys of world war 2 when the buzz bombs were going off etc...she is a lady that never stays put..she is always on the go and boy can she go...she just taught me how to knit.I am totally hooked..although all I can make right now is scarves..she is going to teach me how to make hats...can't wait..

Well after my doctors appt today I decided to go out and try my hand at black friday..never done it I headed to Joanns..where else...I love that store..but not today...the line for fabric was over 2 hours..but my friend was there (since 7:30am) and she let me butt in I we only waited about 30 minutes..well I did 20 yards of the expensive muslin but had a 50% off coupon...yippee..had 2 I got yarn needles, tissue paper, pom-pom maker, 2 wooden sleds for santas that I plan on making..they were so cheap...couldn't resist..cookie tins...spray starch for lace ormanents I am going to machine an Ott light so I can drag it around with pretzel rods so I can dip them in chocolate to give away as my gifts for the neighbors, garbage guy, my newspaper guy that makes sure I have enough joanns ads...gotta love that

Then I headed to the mall cause I wanted to get some Mary Jane shoes..went to penneys and found some...on 3 2 get one free..need them desperately..not that I enjoy wearing them..but need to round up these gals at some point when I go shopping...:)and got 2 pairs of pajamas for the price of one and got a $15 dollar off of all of that..that was a total surprise...gotta love saving now gotta go and warm up the leftovers for dinner and settle in for the night..going to be decorating for christmas this weekend...hubby won't know what hit em...and got some crafting in my I just want to craft...hope your day after was a good one...although I am just amazed at the poor man that was trampled to death at the walmart in New York..Ridiculous it really that worth it...people slow down, take a deep breath....this poor man had family I am sure and now their holiday is ruined because of some greedy folks out there that didn't practice their patience...what a sad sad world we live in...sorry to bring you all down...but this is just stupid...period...hope they all got what they wanted...
any way have a great weekend...


  1. Sounds like you had a great Black Friday too! Have fun with all your "newies"!

  2. Look at you~! Your gonna be a knitting addict, just like me. Well, tell hubby (when he gets sick of you knitting all the time) that it will be in and not to worry, he'll get used to it!


  3. I got a neat little ott Light and used it tonight on the couch whilst I was knitting..oh it made all the difference in the world...I am making a thin scarf and it is almost the light and the new yarn and needles...

  4. Wow! What a load of goodies you got yesterday!
    You are much braver than I am,fighting the crowds and having the patience to stand in line does not become me!!
    Have a great time decorating and enjoy your weekend~
    Oh, it's good to keep the old girls in line, I'm sure they are happy that you thought of them!!!!

  5. Wow - you did make out great today!! Something for every part of your life!

    Have a great weekend.

  6. hey missy!

    WOW looks like you have been a busy bee! And I agree with Jenny you will become addicted that is all I did for the last week.!

    And I see you bought some bras HAHA I hope they are magical! I wanted to do black friday but no one wanted to go with me... tear tear!

    Glad you had a great turkey day!


  7. Wow, you sure were, shopping and visiting with your friend from England. I bet her stories are just wonderful to listen to.

    Have a great day:0