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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WhaTcha beeN workIng On sinCe SatuRday....:)

Well this is what I have been doing here and there along with all the fall projects of getting our home all set for winter...This is my girlfriends doll that I am finishing up..I have another just like it..but have not gotten this far..will take more photos when it is done...
As you can see I still have some work left to do..but she is coming along nicely...this is with her hat and mask on...they are not finished..but I wanted to give you an idea of what she will look like..

here is what i woke up to this morning..on October 1st..our first foggy morning...This truly felt like fall..this is looking down our road in the front...I love fog...there is such a warmth and cozieness about it..don't you think?

this is looking out our front yard and the Asters and a type of sunflower that bloom this time of on my list is getting the yard put to bed...not my favorite chore..but it needs to be done..Yesterday..I raked the leaves and burned the at least that part is done for the time being...and I mean that as I will be out 5-6 more times blowing/raking the leaves out of my yard...another chore I despise doing..but the neighbors refuse to do it and so I have to...

Here is a view of the fog from our back yard on our deck...

and yet another...

here is the front of the house with the fog behind it...I love the fog...don't like driving in it ..but I do love it...

Here is the front porch that I power washed on saturday and painted on Monday..we have never done this porch since we moved here 14 years it was everything taken off and I stained/painted it...and I love it...made such a difference made the white really stand out...

here is another view..just started decorating..

here is a closeup of the porch...looks brand new..

here is the last of the sunflowers...I just love growing these and they grow to at least 8-10 feet tall...they make me smile...
here is the back deck still a work in progress...the deck itself is done..just need to put up the railing...

and yet another the color of it..very year if we have the money..we are enclosing this porch and making it a sunroom..but we are putting our big antique kitchen table out here and putting in built in seating and a candle we can dine by candlelight and have our big get togethers out here for the holidays or when I throw my partys..and there will be a big comfy chair and lamp for sitting outside to read..and the kids will love it..I want the windows that push out from the bottom all the way around..and of course my screen door where the stairs will be...we still have to put the latice work around the bottom...but hopefully this weekend it will be done..

here it is again.. a better picture of the color....

here are the railings that I gave a second coat to today.....I like painting..but I like it when its done too...

here is the dining room and the table that will go outside to its new next door neighbor sold me her black round table with 4 chairs for $50 has a leaf to make it bigger..can't wait to get it..she has to sell her house first...soon I hope...

I took some photos of the chillians today..they have their spots to catch some is Gracie snoozin away..

Here is our Sun E Buns...laying on the rug in the living room...she was a real ham so you will see a couple of photos of her..she would sit still..she kept rolling around...

she found the sun too...her name truly fits her..

and yet another one...what a little pill.she makes us smile..

cute huh?

Here is silly Millie asleep on the guest bed...not any sun..but an open window...I guess PO-Po was alseep under the bed...but they did get to go outside today and were such good babies..they love their outdoor excursions...and then I got a wild bug up my butt and painted the railings on the front needed it..and then I decided to start my halloween the inside to finish and tweak the front alittle bit..when I am done I willl take photos...Hope your wednesday was a great one...
Take care and until next time....:)


  1. Wow Gina,
    Are you for hire ? MY porch railings need painting.. :0)
    Your kitties are adorable.. Your home looks so cozy and inviting..


  2. Gina,
    Love the pictures of your house and yard. Your porch looks makes me want to come and sit for awhile. I have always wanted a covered front porch. We have a two level deck/porch on the front of the house but it is uncovered and has no rails.
    Can't wait to see your pumpkin doll when she is all done.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. You are gettin' it done aint' you cat girl! Everything is lookin' good, and I love your doll...that Smile!
    I powerwashed to, I smelled like bleach for two days! We need to paint railings before it gets cold.

    Why don't you come on over and school me on this new machine....I was sewing on my mothers singer that is older than this is definitly more high tech! Beth

  4. New table! yay!

    Your house is so cute! I love how original it looks - not like my cookie cutter house.

  5. Hi-just wandering around blogs-your house is so cute! I couldn't help but notice your cats-I have a siamese (Tucker) and we are contemplating what to do with him-our baby has allergies-and seeing your cats made my cry! That's how we feel about our 12 year old Tuck!These cats are like kids, huh?

  6. It really looks great but what alot of work. I like the decor on your porch, too. I love the fog, too, & you took some awesome pics.


  7. You sure have been busy:)

    I love your home and your right it does make everything just pop!

    The kitties are adorable!